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Real stories from empowered educators, inspired students, and engaged families. See Imagine Learning’s programs in action.

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At the cross-section of technology, curricula, and people are meaningful stories of breakthrough moments that have changed the lives of students forever.

These stories unveil how Imagine Learning’s digital solutions help educators increase opportunities and improve student learning. They show us how with the right resources, data, and support, learners are more engaged, and educators are more empowered.  

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Students Learn at Their Own Pace With EdgeEX

In 2022, Rio Rancho Cyber Academy began pioneering EdgeEX, the next generation of Imagine Edgenuity. A year later, the results are nothing short of transformative.

Imagine Learning’s STEM solutions drive big Math gains in New Jersey

Math proficiency across the Clifton Public School District doubled when they implemented Imagine Math, Imagine Math Facts, and Imagine Robotify! The adaptability of each program has helped boost students’ confidence and ease teachers’ workloads. Not only did the Clifton community witness their students grow, but they also enjoyed a positive transformation of students’ attitudes toward math and science.

No Need for Coding Experience with Imagine Robotify

At Seitz Middle School in Riverview, Michigan, educators share how they don’t need expensive hardware, mechanical robots, or coding experience to implement a dynamic computer science program. With Imagine Robotify, all that’s required is an internet browser to empower all students to code!

Los Fresnos is Meeting Students Where They Are with Imagine Math

Through personalized pathways, students at Rancho Verde Elementary School in Los Fresnos, TX, are getting the curriculum that they need to succeed in Math. Whether students are working to catch up or moving beyond grade level, together Los Fresnos students are motivated, breaking through goals, and having a lot of fun growing their skills in math.

Life-Changing Outcomes at Atlanta Virtual Academy

Graduation is no question for students using Imagine Edgenuity at Atlanta Virtual Academy. The program puts learning back in the hands of students building the agency, flexibility, and pride that students need to succeed.

Self-Paced Courseware Gives Students a Chance in the Rio Grande

Imagine Edgenuity gives students more than recovered credits. Down at the South Texas border, Los Fresnos school district high school students are getting a chance to not only graduate, but to build confidence, independence, and accountability through a self-paced, flexible program.

Teachers and Curriculum Coming Together Virtually

As educators, students, and families continue to adjust to learning virtually, we share encouragement from educators who have been successfully using online instruction for years.

David is gaining oral fluency and reading comprehension with Imagine Language and Literacy.

David is an English language learner who lives in California. When he began third grade, he was reading at a K–1st grade level. But after just nine months on Imagine Language & Literacy, David could decode at a second-grade level.

Thanks to his enthusiasm and the program’s first-language support, David is well on his way to grade-level success.

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Virtual Teachers Create Outstanding Relationships

Berks Online Learning program in Pennsylvania has helped students of all ages reach their academic goals by partnering with districts to offer virtual online classes.

Flexible Options to Continue Learning After the Pandemic

By creating “blended courses,” educators in Nevada’s Washoe County School District have the tools to provide a curriculum to educate their population of over 60,000 students online, in person, or in a hybrid environment.

Transition from In-Person to Online Learning with Edgenuity

Arizona’s Tolleson Union High School District transitioned their nearly 12,000 students from in-person instruction to online learning. Their strong partnership with Imagine Edgenuity and stellar leadership led to success across the district.

Customizable Courseware Provides Flexibility for Students

This blended-learning program gives students autonomy and provides the school with the flexibility to offer a variety of initial credit and credit recovery courses.

Career Pathways and Blended Learning Drive Student Success

Focusing on a combination of hands-on experiences and rigorous curriculum, Indiana Agriculture & Technology School has created an engaging educational experience that leads to student success and increased school enrollment.

Students Safely Transition to Hybrid Learning

Flexible scheduling and Imagine Edgenuity’s engaging curriculum empowered Affton School District in Missouri to educate their students with fidelity regardless of the delivery model: virtual, hybrid, or in-person.

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