Science, Technology, and Engineering

Imagine Learning’s core curriculum offering prepares the next generation of STEM leaders with hands-on and digital science learning.

Young elementary student on touch screen computer

Create a Love of Science Learning

Students are already natural explorers, and their curiosity demands active learning.

Teacher and elementary student conducting a science experiment

Equip students for dynamic scientific learning

Exposure to science and engineering careers at the elementary level inspires and engages students—a great indicator of success at later stages of school, college, and career. Imagine Learning empowers educators to ignite breakthrough moments in every student’s unique learning journey.

Imagine Learning Science Products

Imagine Robotify

The best option for beginner coders. Students learn to code by programming virtual robots in extraordinary virtual environments. Students produce original ideas and grow their capacity for creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. Students will master math, critical thinking, and coding skills.

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Imagine Twig Science

Provide high-quality, comprehensive coverage of three-dimensional science standards through hands-on and digital investigations in which students take on roles of scientists and engineers! Our instructional design challenges students to experience STEM roles as they become creative problem solvers, making sense of real-world phenomena.

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Tap Students’ Scientific Potential

Launch a core science curriculum that will inspire a lifetime of curiosity and discovery in your students.