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Multilingual Learners

Elementary student typing on laptop.

Multilingual Learners

Equitable supports to accelerate learning across all subjects and transform students into more confident learners.

Empower Multilingual Learners

Screenshot of an Imagine Español lesson with the text "¡Vocabrinco! Vocabulario De Lectura Indroducción"
Screenshot of an Imagine Language & Literacy lesson with the Mazels and "Reading is Fun!" written over them

We believe learning should honor and support the languages your students speak. Unique scaffolds and resources for multilingual learners include language development activities and optional first-language support.

  • All programs focus on academic language
  • Students see themselves reflected in a diverse cast of characters
  • Evidence-based and classroom-validated instruction

Support multilingual learners in:

Elementary student smiling at camera and gripping shoulder straps of backpack while standing in front of school building.
Imagine Español

Spanish Language Arts

Imagine Español® brings equity to native Spanish-speaking students by accelerating Spanish language and literacy development with personalized learning for grades K–5.

Students will discover familiar Latin American and Spanish folk tales, beloved folk art and music, and contextual instruction built on linguistic foundations and traditions.

Elementary student smiling and holding tablet while teacher points at screen.
Imagine Language & Literacy

English Language Arts

Imagine Language & Literacy® is the only personalized learning program that accelerates both literacy skills and English language development with specialized activities for multilingual students in grades PreK–6.

Build an equitable learning environment with specialized first-language instruction and human-voiced audio supports in 15 languages.

Elementary school student smiling at a laptop as he counts.
Imagine Math Facts
Imagine Math Facts


Imagine Math® combines language support with a rich curriculum to create a fun, adaptive digital experience that helps students become confident, curious mathematicians.

Adaptive gamification in Imagine Math Facts® helps students in grades 1–5 gain automaticity in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Two middle school students working on a laptop together with code shown on a display behind them.
Imagine Robotify
Imagine Science Corner


Imagine Robotify® empowers students to learn computer science in a fun, engaging, and accessible way. Lessons are available in English and Spanish; coding language support is available in French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Turkish.

Imagine Science Corner engages elementary learners with video lessons, printables, and project-based learning investigations — all available in both English and Spanish.

High school student typing on keyboard in computer lab.
Imagine Edgenuity


Imagine Edgenuity® courses support grades 9–12 students learning English with multiple exposures to vocabulary, explicit direct instruction, and activation of background knowledge. Home language support helps them excel, including on-screen text translation and read-alouds available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Arabic.

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Imagine IM
Twig Science

Core Subjects

Core solutions with built-in supports for students developing proficiency in multiple languages, including reading skill lessons to help students analyze social studies content and sources in Traverse®, mathematical language routines designed to ensure equity and access in Imagine IM, and English learner scaffolds and comprehensive Spanish student resources in Twig® Science.

Two middle school students working on a laptop together with code shown on a display behind them.
Tutoring & Intervention Services


Small Group Targeted Instruction ensures K–12 students receive the support they need to meet their learning goals. ESOL-endorsed Intervention Specialists support English learners with small group English language development (ELD).


Grade-Level Reading for David in El Cajon, California

David, a third-grade English language learner, is gaining oral fluency and reading comprehension after just nine months of using Imagine Language & Literacy and its first-language support.

Support Multilingual Learners