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A digital-forward, one-stop social studies curriculum with flexible, customizable content so teachers approach instruction with confidence and students experience engaging content in a variety of modalities to appeal to different learning styles.
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Inquiry driven. Media powered. A new approach to social studies.


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Traverse Features and Benefits

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Discover dynamic and responsive learning experiences built around a library of more than 1,500 high-quality written, oral, and visual sources that create a rich story of the past. Innovative, absorbing video formats — including Traverse 360, QuickTalk, and The Beat — grab students’ attention, complemented by a range of digital tools including 3D objects, Time Tunnels, interactive maps, flipbooks, hotspots, interactive timelines, and more.

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The resources you need, however you need them

Traverse is a living digital curriculum designed for active collaboration between peers and the content. It offers customizable resources, allowing teachers and administrators to tailor the curriculum to the unique needs of students and the community. Embedded formative assessments provide opportunities for teachers to understand students’ grasp of content knowledge and remediate instruction in the classroom.

Empower students to become active citizens

Traverse is driven by inquiry and supports teachers with robust social studies skill development. Students learn historical reading, inquiry, and research skills as they explore the past. Inquiry projects for every chapter were developed in collaboration with renowned educators Kathy Swan and Sam Wineburg. They reflect a world students will recognize from what they see around them, helping them connect the learning to real-life societal issues.

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