Equity and Access | Imagine Learning

Equity & Access

Diversity and inclusivity strengthen our Imagine Learning team, enrich our lives, and help us design equitable educational experiences where learners see themselves and can also learn about people, cultures, experiences, and perspectives different from their own. Our products support practices like Universal Design for Learning — where each learner’s unique learning journey is valued.

Executive Commitment

“At Imagine Learning, our diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and voices enrich our work environment and enable us to create solutions that are responsive to the students we serve to deliver better results.”

Jonathan Grayer, Chairman & CEO

“Our belief in the power of every learner’s unique potential is what drives us. By prioritizing equity, we can create a future where each student is held to the highest expectations and provided equal opportunities to learn and grow.”

Sari Factor, Vice Chair & Chief Strategy Officer

Our Curriculum Development Principles

We are committed to creating equitable educational experiences that reflect the diversity of our users and help all students become academically successful, independent learners. These principles form the foundation of all our products.


Create products reflective of our users so that students see themselves, their family members, and their communities in the content.

  • Incorporate people, groups, and events that reflect the broad range of society.
  • Make a focused effort to include people and groups who have traditionally been less visible.
  • Ensure that this inclusion is shown throughout products and curricula rather than being relegated to specific units or lessons.


Show people and groups the way they want to be shown.

  • Ensure that names, cultural representations, and terminology are accurate.
  • Show a wide range of individuals in both traditional and non-traditional roles.
  • Ensure representation of diverse body types, ages, and abilities.
  • Show a variety of groups in positions of power, knowledge, and authority.


Include a diversity of perspectives to create complete and accurate materials.

  • Include the experiences and viewpoints of all groups relevant to a topic or event.
  • Help students understand the contexts and impacts of what they are learning.
  • Let people and groups speak for themselves.


Create content that is factual and encourages students to use critical-thinking skills.

  • Present information — such as historical events, social movements, and scientific discoveries — objectively.
  • Don’t tell students what to think. Let them use their critical-thinking skills to draw conclusions and reflect as much as possible.
  • Remain free from instructional bias.

Leadership Initiative

“Each person’s life story is unique. As Imagine Learning grows, we want to foster conversations where we listen to each other’s stories and, as a result, develop empathy and insights into our colleagues we may not have had before. Our goal is for every employee to feel valued, seen, and heard.”

Tanesha Stephens, Project Manager & Diversity Council Lead

“Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion means not only listening to diverse perspectives but also being willing to adjust our path forward. We can create more inclusive communities by embracing change both here at Imagine Learning and within the programs we create for our partners in education.”

Iván Alfaro, Vice President of Equity & Partnerships

Our Commitments in Action

We strive to create an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and connected because we welcome their differences.

Employee-Led Diversity Council

To ensure that we deliver on our commitment to inclusion, we draw upon the expertise of our Diversity Council, an employee-led advisory group whose mission is to leverage Imagine Learning’s diversity to inform a foundation of equity, to ensure the inclusion of our individual cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, and to foster a workplace that ignites and celebrates opportunities for our employees, educators, and learners.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my job has been as the Executive Sponsor for our employee-led Diversity Council,” says Adam Klaber, Vice Chair and Chief Operating Officer. “I know that individually and collectively, we make Imagine Learning a more inclusive, welcoming, and supportive company, which is important because together, we do our best work.” 

A Welcoming Workplace

We value the ongoing development of a work environment that encourages:

  • Respectful communication and cooperation among all employees. 
  • Teamwork and employee participation, encouraging the representation of all groups and employee perspectives. 
  • Work/life balance through flexible work schedules and comprehensive well-being benefits to accommodate employees’ varying needs. 
  • Employer and employee contributions to the communities we serve to promote a greater understanding and respect for diversity. 
  • Professional development opportunities to facilitate ongoing focus and better understanding of best practices related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Hear from Employees

“What excites me most is being a part of the conversation — where my ideas, my thoughts, and my approaches are heard. I’m excited about the opportunity to meet and foster connection with people in the company who share similar beliefs.”

⁠Jolinea Pegues, Professional Development Specialist

“I’m excited to represent people who have families with more complex needs, like my own, and to use that lens to work with others to help create an inclusive workplace culture.”

⁠Lindsey Murdock, Virtual Instructor