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Experience the Impact of Imagine MyPath®

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What is Imagine MyPath?

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Imagine MyPath is carefully designed to maximize student learning through personalized learning paths that prioritize the essential skills students will need for grade-level success. As students move from intervention to supplemental grade-level practice and beyond, Imagine MyPath continues to deliver adaptive lessons that propel them forward.

How can I get access for my students?

Partner with Imagine Learning on a research study during the 2024–2025 school year. Imagine Learning is seeking to evaluate the impact of Imagine MyPath on student learning outcomes. We are offering free access to the program during the 2024–2025 school year to qualifying districts willing to participate in this study.

What are the goals of this research study?

Imagine Learning is seeking to compare the academic performance of Imagine MyPath users to non-users to evaluate the impact of the program. The findings will shed light on how program usage contributes to student achievement. Additionally, Imagine Learning will carefully consider teacher and administrator feedback (both formal and informal) for continued product improvement and understanding of program perceptions.

What does this research study look like?


Implement Imagine MyPath for supplemental math and reading instruction for some classrooms

How do you determine who uses the program?

Most commonly, teachers are given the choice to opt into using the program in their classroom.

What about those who do not use Imagine MyPath?

Non-user classrooms will continue with whatever practices are already in place.


Spend 30 minutes (minimum) per week per subject. Students below grade level should spend 60–90 minutes per subject per week.

Imagine Learning will work with you to determine the best implementation plan for students according to their learning goals and the goals of the research study.

Spend approximately 30 minutes per week planning and reviewing program data.

Routine tasks include ensuring all students are meeting goals and observing opportunities for follow-up based on lesson performance.


Administer a standardized benchmark math and reading assessment

Who has to take the assessment?

All participating students in both user and non-user classrooms must take the assessment.

Will this be a new assessment?

If your district already administers a standardized reading and math assessment (e.g. NWEA, Renaissance Star), no additional assessments need to be administered. If not, we will need to explore new assessment options.



Confidence in your digital programs

The results from this study will give you the evidence you need to ensure you are making the best decisions for your specific students.


Free access during the 2024–2025 school year

Qualifying classrooms participating in the Imagine MyPath group will receive program licenses at no cost to the district.


Top-tier professional development & support

Imagine Learning will provide training, support, and professional development to ensure your students and educators have everything they need to be successful.


Impact students nationwide

Findings will help districts across the U.S. make decisions on effective digital learning solutions and provide valuable information for Imagine Learning’s high-quality programs and supports.

Ideal District Partners:

Students lined up and working on devices as teacher smiles with tablet in front of them
  • Medium-to-large in size
  • Not currently implementing Imagine MyPath
  • Willing to use Imagine MyPath in predetermined classrooms according to recommended practices
  • Administering (or willing to administer) standardized math and reading assessments in fall and spring, at minimum

Increase Learning Gains in Your District

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