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October 5, 2023 10:11 am

Celebrating Bilingual Students with Imagine Español

The benefits of bilingualism are astounding, and our multilingual students deserve to be celebrated. Here are 5 ways Imagine Español, our K–5 supplemental Spanish literacy program, honors the culture and heritage of bilingual students.

In today’s interconnected world, being bilingual is an invaluable skill. It not only opens doors to diverse cultures but also enhances cognitive abilities and provides a competitive edge in the job market. For K–5 dual language program coordinators, fostering bilingualism in young learners is a mission that carries immense significance. These enriching programs allow students’ bilingualism to fully blossom. However, we must ensure instructional materials value and build upon the cultural and linguistic assets students bring from home.

Imagine Español® is an innovative, personalized digital learning program that accelerates Spanish language and literacy development for students in grades K–5. Here are 5 ways the program honors the culture and heritage of bilingual students:

Imagine Español Vowel song

1. Transfers students’ foundational literacy skills across languages

Imagine Español provides explicit instruction in foundational literacy skills like phonological awareness, letter-sound connections, decoding, and sight word recognition in Spanish. As research shows, these critical early skills then transfer to English, supporting students’ overall literacy development. For example, when students learn to segment sounds and syllables in Spanish words, it improves their phonological awareness in English as well. Their ability to map letters to sounds transfers across languages too. Building this early literacy foundation in Spanish allows students’ knowledge to flow into English acquisition.

2. Builds vocabulary in two languages

Imagine Español has robust vocabulary instruction integrated throughout. Students learn high frequency Spanish words, English/Spanish cognates, and academic terms. As dual language learners use and retain more words, their comprehension improves in both languages. Hearing vocabulary terms pronounced and used in meaningful Spanish texts, then recognizing those words again in English, cements the terms in students’ minds. This vocabulary reinforcement in two languages helps students understand texts they read and set them up for success.

3. Mirrors students’ cultures

Imagine Español includes authentic Hispanic songs, texts, and artwork that reflect 20 different Spanish-speaking countries. Hearing traditional songs and seeing images from Spanish-speaking countries allows students to see themselves and their community reflected in learning. This fosters biliteracy development and bicultural identities simultaneously. Students stay engaged and motivated when lessons resonate with their cultural background knowledge. The cultural mirror of Imagine Español program validates students’ identity and home experiences.

Imagine Español Library

4. Provides scaffolded support for biliteracy development

Imagine Español has embedded multimedia, visuals, and interactivity designed to support students’ Spanish literacy growth. Songs, videos, and animated stories introduce letter sounds in engaging ways. Interactives allow students to click pictures to learn vocabulary meanings. Built-in dictionaries and text highlighting provide guidance with reading. This scaffolding provides assistance to students as needed until literacy skills are mastered. The program allows them to engage meaningfully with Spanish texts while ensuring support is in place.

Students read together

5. Ignites students’ potential

When students have access to quality dual language learning, it ignites their inner sparks. Robust materials like Imagine Español build students’ skills and knowledge, instilling confidence and motivation. Our bilingual students blaze trails to promising, bilingual futures when their potential is recognized. Imagine Español fuses students’ home language and culture with instruction to help them achieve their highest potentials. This is the transformative power of valuing our bilingual learners.

Imagine Español honors the home languages and cultures of our dual language students. With this program, students’ bilingualism is celebrated as the valuable resource it is.

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