Academic Integrity

Imagine Learning partners with educators to prioritize academic integrity and improve learning outcomes. Discover new ideas and exclusive product features designed to save time and prioritize honesty in the classroom.

Prioritize Academic Integrity

Academic integrity matters, but it isn’t easy to guarantee.

Academic Integrity

An evolving challenge

Although academic dishonesty is not a new challenge, widely accessible information on the internet today means students often try to find the easy way out of challenging assignments, particularly when working virtually. 

As your partner in education, we aim to support your goal to encourage honesty with researched tips and ongoing, time-saving product updates. Together, let’s make academic integrity a reality in your classrooms.

Establish a Successful Policy

Ideas for Teachers

Academic Integrity Teachers
  • Establish a clear policy that includes consequences and communicate it in writing. Here’s an example to get you started.
  • Address peer culture, which plays a significant role in why students cheat.
  • Set expectations for class participation and keeping up with assignments.
  • Consider spot-checking smaller projects and weighting class participation more heavily.
  • Hold students accountable for knowing all material at the end of a unit or semester.
  • Don’t leave your passwords where students can find them.
  • Refrain from posting assessments or answer keys on easily found websites where students can find them.

Ideas for Districts

Academic Integrity districts
  • Block websites on your school network that are known to post answers to assessment questions. If you come across any Imagine Learning content yourself, please notify customer support, and we will work to remove it.
  • With Imagine Edgenuity, you can enable IP Registry, preventing students from accessing assessments outside the school network. Students can work from home but then take assessments at school to be proctored.
  • Implement Imagine Edgenuity’s Teacher Review, which alerts a teacher when a student has reached a test or exam. The teacher can then check the student’s work before unlocking a high-stakes assessment.

Downloadable Resources

Considerations for Student Success Flyer

Use this guide to determine the details and policies to consider as your students complete their online learning.


Strategies for Student Success Booklet

This booklet features strategies that educators at all levels can use to help foster online learning success.


Imagine Edgenuity Student Goal Sheet

Use this goal sheet with your students to help set and track their goals and progress in each of their Imagine Edgenuity courses.


Imagine Edgenuity Creates Effective Classroom Management Solutions

Imagine Edgenuity’s embedded Plagiarism Checker automatically scans student work and alerts educators when a match is found. In addition, Speed Radar automatically flags students completing tasks more quickly than expected for educator review.

With IP Registry you have the option to block students from accessing assessments from home—or accessing Imagine Edgenuity from outside the school network at all.

Imagine Edgenuity’s SecureLock Browser Experience prevents students from opening new tabs, browsers, and programs while they are working within the product.

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