Student Athletes

Our flexible online instructional model and curriculum in four core subjects and world languages are approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for student athletes.

Student athlete
Imagine Edgenuity

NCAA®-approved online learning courses

ELA, math, social studies, science, and world languages

As a trusted partner, Imagine Edgenuity is proud to offer our NCAA-approved curriculum and instructional model to student athletes. Schools and districts can enroll student athletes in online learning courses through Imagine Instructional Services and Imagine Edgenuity to ensure they are prepared to enter college with a rigorous academic experience that fits into their schedules.

Two paths to instruction

Support student athletes with experienced virtual instructors

Districts and schools can provide student athletes with standards-aligned Imagine Edgenuity courses taught by Imagine Learning’s highly qualified, state-certified virtual instructors. Our instructors provide written feedback on student work, reteach concepts when students are struggling, and communicate regularly with school staff and parents. Check out our best practices for successfully implementing online courses that meet NCAA requirements.

Use your district’s teachers with NCAA-approved courses

Imagine Edgenuity’s online learning courses and curriculum solutions** for middle and high school students offer schools access to over 400 courses, including standards-aligned courses for initial credit or concept recovery. Following extensive evaluation and cooperation with NCAA eligibility, student athletes can use our digital curriculum and courses to reach their academic goals with flexible online instruction directed by your district’s educators.

A winning game plan

Build a virtual program that meets the needs of student athletes and prepares them for success.