Blueprint Grade 2 coming Fall 2019

Blueprint: Pre-K to Grade 2

Engaging, effective math instruction designed to help early-learners learn and love math

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Imagine Math Composite Image

Imagine Math: Grades 3 to 8, Algebra I, and Geometry

Build conceptual understanding & problem-solving skills with the support of a live teacher

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Imagine Math Facts: Fact Fluency

Solve the math fluency puzzle the engaging way—while establishing a pre-algebra foundation

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Math Solutions

At Imagine Learning, we are passionate about language including the language of mathematics. This is why we offer a comprehensive, supplemental math solution for students from Pre-K to grade 8, Algebra I, and Geometry.

All of our Imagine Learning math programs include:

Authentic Assessment: Research-based benchmark, interim, and formative assessments are easy to administer while providing powerful instructional insights and individualized content.​

Personalized Learning: Each student is met with a completely personalized learning pathway to meet their specific needs.​

Embedded Scaffolds: Imagine Math programs build scaffolded, individualized learning pathways so all students can access and master grade-level standards.​

Intense Engagement: Intentionally designed content, boosted by choice and motivation systems, develops and rewards perseverance without distracting from learning.​

Actionable Data: Student performance data and easy-to-use reports assist educators and administrators in instruction and intervention.​ Learn more about solutions for Pre-K to grade 2, grade 3 to Geometry, or math fact fluency.

Math Language

At Imagine Learning, our mission has always been to teach language and literacy to the children of the world. We know that part of this mission is helping students establish a deep understanding and unwavering confidence in their ability to communicate in the language of mathematics. 

When students develop these communication skills, they are better able to solve problems and justify reasoning both in the classroom and in their day-to-day life.


Individual pathways built by strategic assessment systems​

Our math programs are driven by intentional assessments that personalize content and meet each student at their precise point of learning.

By using a system of benchmark, interim, and formative assessments supported by machine learning, students encounter automatically-generated, individualized content that challenges them in their zone of proximal development.

Discovering Math with Blueprint in West Virginia

“The students are fully engaged all of the time because it is differentiated.”

Chantil McCormick | Teacher | Confidence Elementary

Success with Imagine Math in Michigan

“The kids were very excited about Imagine Math and I found it very teacher-friendly and easy to use.”

Monique Vasquez | Fourth-Grade Teacher | Monteith Elementary School

Blueprint Research

Blueprint is proven to help your students succeed in class and on assessments.

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Imagine Math Research

Over 15 studies show that Imagine Math is effective in helping students achieve in math.

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Imagine Math Facts Research

Imagine Math Facts is proven to help students achieve 94% math facts fluency in less than five hours.

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Fact Fluency

Just like fluency in any language, mathematical fluency is the combination of speed, accuracy, and effortlessness that allows for flow. Learn more about our game-based fluency program, Imagine Math Facts.

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