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Impact in Texas



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Imagine Math


Students in grades 3–8 show significant gains in Texas Education Agency Report

90% STAAR success after just 20 lessons with Imagine Math

This third-party study evaluated the Texas SUCCESS program implemented in school districts across the state during the 2013–2014 school year. The results revealed that students in grades 3-8 who attempted 20 or more Imagine Math lessons achieved significantly greater scores on the STAAR-Mathematics test than non-users.

The results of this report provide moderate-level ESSA evidence that Imagine Math is an effective educational program.

Passing Imagine Math lessons was positively related to student performance on STAAR-Mathematics tests, meaning that passing Imagine Math lessons was an important indicator of readiness for STAAR-Mathematics content.​​​​​



Imagine Math Success at Southwest ISD

“We bought into Imagine Math. And, if anyone were to look into our data they would buy into Imagine Math too.” 

Lloyd Verstuyft | Superintendent | Southwest ISD

Southwest Independent School District Demographics





Higher Assessment Scores with Blueprint

A Texas school district investigated the effectiveness of Blueprint during the 2017–2018 academic year. The district chose three schools to pilot Blueprint (the treatment schools) and three other schools of similar demographics to serve as control schools. In all, 925 pre-K students participated in the study. Comparisons were made based on post-test performance on the Blueprint assessment.

Students who used Blueprint as supplementary mathematics instruction performed better on the Blueprint assessment than students who did not use the program. Program users outperformed non-users overall and on skills assessed in the Blueprint assessment. This study demonstrates that Blueprint may be effective supplemental instruction for students who use the program.

The boxplot shows assessment scores  of the control and treatment students. On average, treatment students scored higher (40.01) on the posttest than control students (28.12) meaning students who used Blueprint scored 42% higher on program assessments than non-users.



Success with Blueprint in Texas

“You’re attending to 20 kids and all their needs are being met at the same time. The differentiation in this program is phenomenal.”

(Available in English and Spanish, perfect for dual language!)

Traci Keffales | Kindergarten Teacher

Robertson Elementary Demographics



TEKS Alignment


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Imagine Math Correlation

Discover how Imagine Math matches up with TEKS standards.

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Imagine Math Pathways

Texas learning pathways for third grade to Geometry

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Blueprint Correlation

Blueprint correlation to TEKS for grades Pre-K to Grade 1