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September 12, 2022 8:00 am

Imagine Math Students Donate to Flood Relief Fund

U.S. students solved more than 228,000 Imagine Math problems, converting earned math points to $5,000 for the American Red Cross Jackson Mississippi Flood Relief Fund

Scottsdale, Ariz., SEPTEMBER 12, 2022 – Students who use Imagine Learning’s Imagine Math program completed math problems and donated earned points from the program to raise $5,000 for the American Red Cross Jackson Mississippi Flood Relief Fund—all in 3 days after hearing about the funding opportunity. During the donation period, students solved more than 228,000 math problems and donated more than 5 million earned math points, which translates to $5,000 for the Jackson Mississippi Flood Relief Fund.

The donation is a part of Imagine Learning’s charitable giving program. Since the incentive program’s inception in 2008, students who have used Imagine Math have donated 1.6 trillion math points, completed more than 2.5 million math lessons, and worked through more than 82 million math problems for a total giving of $167,173 to the American Red Cross. Over the years, students have converted their point donations to a variety of American Red Cross causes, including the Haitian Relief Fund, the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund, numerous hurricane relief funds, and the Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.

Top donating schools from around Mississippi and the U.S. include:

  • Northwest Rankin Middle School, Rankin County School District in Mississippi
  • East Tate Elementary School, Tate County School District in Mississippi
  • I.T. Montgomery Elementary School, North Bolivar Consolidated School District in Mississippi
  • Petal Elementary 3-4, Petal School District in Mississippi
  • Robert Healy Elementary School of Chicago Public Schools in Illinois
  • IDEA Brownsville Middle School of IDEA Public Schools in Texas
  • Davis Intermediate of Wylie Independent School District in Texas
  • Henderson Hammock Charter School in Tampa, Florida

“It’s inspiring to see our students donate their hard-earned Imagine Math points to make a difference for a community,” said Jeff Pendleton, SVP and General Manager of Supplemental and Intervention for Imagine Learning. “We’re proud of the many students across Mississippi and the U.S. who are sharpening their math skills while also helping people in need.”

“Imagine Math has given our students and teachers the perfect opportunity to show kindness during the water crisis in Jackson,” said Shauna Gregg, Math/Science Curriculum Specialist for Tate County School District. “We are so proud of our students that selflessly gave in order to help our southern neighbors.”

“Pearl River County School District is so proud to have been a part of the charitable donation toward the American Red Cross of Jackson Flood Relief,” said Ashley Franatovich, Technology Integration Specialist for Pearl River County School District. “It is a beautiful way for our students to be able to contribute toward local charities. Having the option to donate brings a new and exciting motivation for our students to give their best efforts when completing math lessons. This sort of selfless giving is what we would like to encourage all children within Mississippi to participate in. Our district theme this year is ‘Be the Light’ and we are so extremely proud that our students are embracing this idea and being the light for children around our great state.”

Imagine Math combines a rich curriculum with fun, adaptive digital experiences to help students become confident math learners. Ideal as a supplement to standards-based PreK—Geometry core instruction, its two age-appropriate learning environments are designed for student engagement. Rigorous, standards-rich content adapts to the unique needs of each learner to develop essential foundations and conceptual understanding they need to achieve grade-level mastery. Two recent studies revealed that elementary and middle school students who used Imagine Math demonstrated significant academic gains on standardized assessments. Findings from one study showed that after one year of using Imagine Math, students demonstrated significantly greater gains on the Renaissance Star Math assessment than their nonparticipating peers. A second study that analyzed Fall 2020 to Spring 2021 NWEA MAP Growth Math data showed that students who used Imagine Math demonstrated a significantly greater growth rate than non-users.

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