Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics

A dynamic, IM-Certified®, instructional experience for K–12 that leverages the power of high-quality problem-based curricula – because each student deserves an opportunity to thrive in mathematics.

Students collaborating
Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics

High-Quality Curriculum on a Powerful Platform

IM Certified

Illustrative Mathematics (IM) is a K–12® core curriculum designed to give all students equity and access to grade-level mathematics — ensuring each student is an active participant in their learning. Imagine Learning is an IM-Certified Partner.

We provide an interactive experience where students thrive through inclusive instructional routines, collaborative math discourse, and digital tools that promote thinking and reasoning.

Improve Student Outcomes at Every Grade Level


Develop fluency and confidence in math with inclusive instructional routines


Foster skills, reasoning, and communication, so students succeed in Algebra and beyond


Focus on the knowledge and skills needed to be college and career ready

Transform Student Outcomes

Give every student an invitation to succeed in mathematics.

Support and Achieve Greater Learning


Student outcomes soar with our high-quality program written by Dr. William McCallum and a team of mathematicians and math educators.


Every teacher is empowered with built-in guidance, digital differentiation, and formative data.

Digital Interactives

Virtual manipulatives and digital interactives powered by Desmos and Geogebra bring tasks to life – allowing students to explore and play.

Customizable Design

Flex instruction to fit online, offline, or blended learning models with parity of print and digital materials.

Clear Data

Data-driven instruction is intuitive with digital formative and summative assessments and easy-to-read reports.

Seamless Integration

Integrates with your LMS and SIS to support single sign-on, class syncing, and grade book pass back.

All Green on EdReports for K–12

Chart denoting that Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics "scored green" across the K–12 grade band in EdReport's Focus & Coherence, Rigor & Mathematical Practices, Alignment, and Usability gateways

Introducing Illustrative Mathematics K–5

Illustrative Math for grades K–5 supports students in building productive math habits of mind and deep conceptual understanding — as well as confidence, perseverance, and a love of mathematics.

See how this new elementary program develops conceptual understanding, builds fluency, and gets all students excited about math.

Turn Research into Practice

Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics is an evidence-based program aligned to the 2015 Every Student Succeed Act’s Theory of Change.