Pathblazer® is a personalized intervention program for K–6 designed to accelerate struggling learners in math and reading toward grade-level achievement using data-driven learning paths.

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Targeted Intervention To Help Students Catch Up

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High-quality supplemental instruction for elementary students

We can help educators pinpoint specific learning gaps and provide a targeted, data-driven instructional pathway to help students catch up, keep up, or get ahead in math and ELA. Pathblazer® is a personalized intervention program that provides supplemental online instruction with fun, motivating content that builds foundational skills.

Intervention by the Numbers


Low-achieving students outperformed peers by nearly 3 points on the NWEA MAP in reading after using Pathblazer


More than 60% of Pathblazer elementary school students in Texas exceed annual growth expectations on MAP Growth assessments


While using Pathblazer, 82% of teachers said they were better able to identify gaps in student skills

Clear Instruction to Maximize Results

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Build confidence

Pathblazer’s video instruction provides clear, detailed explanations about common misconceptions including guidance on interpreting concepts correctly — thereby strengthening students’ conceptual understanding.

Strengthen foundational skills

Pathblazer gives struggling students explicit instruction that simultaneously promotes foundational skills and provides access to rigorous grade-level content to bolster skills in print awareness and alphabet knowledge.

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Help Students Reach Their Full Potential

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Imagine MyPath K–5

Building on our award-winning Pathblazer content for reading and math, Imagine MyPath® K–5 is a supplemental personalized learning program for reading and math that delivers an adaptive sequence of high-impact, age-appropriate, prioritized lessons in a student-centered environment that promotes confidence, engagement, and a deeper understanding of foundational knowledge.

This next-generation platform provides a more student-focused design that targets achievement gaps using our intuitive Smart Sequencer technology to optimize grade-level learning.