Twig Science

Let’s make more Aha! moments by connecting real-world phenomena with 3-D learning. Twig Science provides comprehensive coverage of science standards through engaging hands-on and digital investigations in which Pre-K–8 students take on the roles of real-world scientists and engineers.

Imagine Learning Twig Science

Engage Students from the Start

Elementary students wearing headphones and working on tablets

We created Twig Science from the ground up for the Next Generation Science Standards.

The program ensures that all students have an interwoven understanding of Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs), Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs), and Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs). Our unique instructional design challenges students to become creative problem solvers, making sense of engaging, real-world phenomena.

More than Just a Science Class

Continuity in STEM education

A high-quality, digital-first core science and engineering curriculum for Pre-K–8 with measurable progressions through the grades.

Developing science literacy

A commitment to improving global science literacy through engaging, media-rich curricular materials.

Everyone’s included

Promoting equitable, inclusive, and accessible learning environments for students.

Integrated Teacher Support

Our science resources support teachers to deliver high-quality STEM lessons, including comprehensive lesson planning via print or digital teacher editions and clearly labeled hands-on lab kits. The easy-to-use digital platform includes presentation tools, interactives, background knowledge guides, assessments, reports, rostering, and accessibility options.

Screenshots of the Imagine Learning Twig Science teacher experience
Two elementary students discussing in front of a computer with an image of the earth

Inspiring a New Generation

Capture the imagination of students in elementary school with engaging multimedia storylines. In middle school, students shadow real-world professionals to deepen their understanding of scientific concepts and explore STEM careers.

Hands-on, digital, and video investigations provide captivating real-world experiences in dozens of STEM roles—from park rangers and earthquake engineers to deep-space explorers.

Benefits to Support Breakthroughs

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Flexible instructional tools

We give teachers the tools to deliver comprehensive, standards-based science instruction, both in the classroom and in hybrid models:

  • 3,000+ video lessons and video labs
  • Flexible delivery for in-person, hybrid, or remote instruction
  • Device-agnostic delivery for use with any digital device
  • Built-in teacher-student feedback

Virtual, hands-on video labs

Our video labs support teaching hands-on science experiments as students take part at home. Performance expectations are covered through entertaining and engaging activities, and labs prepare students for success on benchmark assessments.

Screenshot of a video featuring a teacher setting up a sciencce experiment
Elementary student watching teacher on tablet and writing on paper

On-demand lesson videos

Bite-sized, studio-quality lessons presented by experienced teachers encourage participation and engagement. Students interact with lessons through high-quality rich media and text, and choose from a self-guided or assigned pace.

Bring Phenomena-Based Science to Life

Flexible and fun so that teachers can deliver the wonders of science to every student