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Grades K–5

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Imagine Español®

Discover an authentic, culturally relevant Spanish language arts solution that accelerates language and literacy development for elementary students. Adaptive and standards-aligned instruction advances biliteracy and cultural competency.

Imagine Español

Advance Biliteracy and Celebrate Spanish Language & Culture


The average number of hours students need to spend in Imagine Español in a school year to show significant increases in performance


Narrators from 20 Spanish-speaking countries help build cultural competency


Imagine Español delivers biliteracy instruction in all 4 language domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing

Imagine Español Features and Benefits

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Authentic Spanish Pedagogy

Through engaging, relevant, and culturally diverse content, Imagine Español respects and reflects the uniqueness of the Spanish language and the rich, colorful heritage of its speakers. 

Build your students’ cultural competency alongside their foundational literacy skills through: 

  • Beloved folk art and music 
  • Latin American and Spanish folk tales 
  • Culturally rich activities  
  • Contextual instruction built on linguistic foundations and traditions 
  • Stories infused with the values of family and community cherished throughout Spanish-speaking countries 

Instructional Methodology

Explore the instructional design behind Imagine Español’s personalized learning.

Evidence-Based Spanish Language Instruction

Science of reading research shows that students need to build strong language comprehension skills in tandem with word recognition to become skillful readers. Direct, explicit, and systematic instruction and practice in all four language domains help improve students’ academic outcomes.

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Listening & Speaking

Students practice authentic speech in a variety of contexts by responding to visuals or text, telling a story, or recounting an experience.

Reading & Writing

Students write a response to a comprehension question relating to a literary or informational text they have just read, and then evaluate their response with a writing checklist.

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Adaptive Learning Pathways

Adaptive pathways automatically deliver individualized content to each student — and adjust based on student performance. Periodic interim checkpoints determine when to add instruction, remediation, or acceleration. 

After a placement test that evaluates a student’s decoding, syllable identification, listening comprehension, and reading comprehension skills, each learner is placed in their zone of proximal development:

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Build Foundational Literacy for Emerging Bilingual Students

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Dive deeper into how Imagine Español adapts to each learner.