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Ignite breakthroughs for students in grades 3–5 with authentic Spanish texts and culturally responsive and respectful lessons.

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Imagine Lectura

Unlock the Joy of Student Success

We Support Students in Their Unique Journeys to Biliteracy

Help emerging bilingual learners build on their literacy foundations in Spanish. Imagine Lectura was designed to unlock comprehension of authentic Spanish texts so students in grades 3–5 can succeed with grade-level learning tasks.

The heart of Imagine Lectura is its library of culturally respectful, authentic Spanish texts that spark learning breakthroughs while helping students build literacy skills and confidence.

Explore how Imagine Lectura can help you and your students experience the joy of learning success.

Deep, Research-Based Instruction


More than 50 years of research confirms that bilingual students outperform their monolingual peers.


The Imagine Lectura library contains 100+ authentic, original, culturally respectful Spanish texts.


Choose from three recommended implementation models without compromising on quality.

Achieve More with Imagine Lectura

A Library to Love

The Imagine Lectura library is made up of authentic, high-quality Spanish texts that pique student interest.

Flexible Instructional Routine

The evidence-based routine is designed to increase student capacity to make meaning of complex Spanish texts.

Support Scaffolding Up

Every student is supported in their learning with instructional scaffolds built into every text.

Culturally Responsive Teaching Toolkit

Teaching tools and intentionally crafted components are built into the program to enhance your instructional practice and for successful classroom use.

Designed for Dual Language

We invite students to celebrate Spanish language and culture as they strengthen their biliteracy skills.

Equity in Reading Opportunities

With Imagine Lectura, every student has the opportunity and support to experience success with grade-level texts.

Unlock Your Students’ Reading Potential

Empower every teacher to lead culturally respectful lessons that build on students’ literacy foundations and transfer new skills across languages.

Watch this Grade 4 unit overview video to discover how peer models and playful characters guide learning.

Unidad de inicio: La riqueza del mundo hispanohablante

Pregunta de enfoque: ¿Qué características describen la cultura de los países donde se habla español?

Watch this Grade 5 unit overview video to see how Imagine Lectura sets a purpose for reading

Unidad de inicio:  Latinoamérica independiente

Pregunta de enfoque: ¿Qué principios impulsaron la lucha de independencia en América Latina?

Our Research & Impact

Discover How Imagine Lectura Aligns with Effective Spanish Literacy Instruction

Imagine Lectura was informed by research on academic discourse, reading comprehension, vocabulary and language, motivation and culture, and data-driven instruction. We put best practices for effective Spanish literacy instruction into action to help students become stronger readers and educators become more adept practitioners.


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