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Imagine Math | An online math program for PK through 8th grade

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Rigorous, Adaptive Instruction
Taking math understanding to the next level

Imagine Math is a rigorous, standards-rich supplemental math curriculum that adapts to the unique needs of each student, so every student can develop the essential foundations and conceptual understanding they need to confidently move to the next level. Because the system is adaptive, students learn in their zone of proximal development with the right degree of challenge. Instruction is always supported by meaningful practice and the application of knowledge at the conceptual level.

  • Adaptive learning pathways
  • Explicit, standards-based instruction
  • Fundamentals of higher-order thinking
  • College and career-ready skills
Live Teacher Support
Just-in-time help for students

Every educator wants to meet the unique needs of each student. But with a full classroom and limited time, providing truly individualized instruction can be tremendously challenging. That’s why Imagine Math offers live 1:1 differentiated instruction from certified math teachers. As students work through more rigorous content in the Guided Learning or Problem-Solving sections of each lesson, access to live support is always just a click away. What’s more, students can receive support in English or Spanish before, during, or after school—even on weekends and most holidays.  

  • Direct instruction from certified math teachers
  • Reframing student strategies
  • Identifying common misconceptions
  • Support in English and Spanish
Imagine Math student motivation illustrations (for donating to charity and meeting classroom goals)
Motivation and Engagement
The rewards of persistence

Thinking and problem solving are essential parts of math. That’s why Imagine Math motivates students to learn more math through a powerful blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. As students complete their work, they earn points toward meeting classroom goals, donating to charity, or customizing their avatars. By rewarding perseverance, Imagine Math promotes a healthy mindset towards math and builds the skills and knowledge necessary for success in algebra and beyond.

  • Promotes a growth mindset
  • Rewards effort
  • Develops executive function & critical thinking skills
  • Provides meaningful context

Innovative instruction, quantifiable results
Quantile measures in Imagine Math monitor student progress in the program
Integrated Progress Monitoring
Accurate measures, more effective instruction

Every educator knows how critical it is to link assessment with instruction, not only to measure gains throughout the year but also to inform and plan effective instruction and track mastery of algebra skills. Imagine Math is powered by the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics. This diagnostic benchmark places students in Imagine Math and monitors their progress toward grade-level success. Two additional benchmarks throughout the year allow educators to track progress at the student, class, school, and district level.

Actionable Reports – Envisioning Student Progress
View only the data you need
Get a big-picture overview

Want to quickly identify your students' strengths and gaps in mathematics? The Overview Report offers a helpful overview of students’ usage and classroom performance, helping educators identify performance patterns while they track usage.

Drill down with Standards Reports

Identify specific challenges and opportunities at both the individual and class level through a set of drill-down reports. These reports show which standards are areas of concern for students so teachers can plan their next strategy.

Track student progress

How are remediation lessons helping students with their grade-level lessons? Which lessons were passes and fails? Find the answers in the Student Progress Reports, and see how a student’s performance is changing over time.

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Imagine Math works well for

Elementary grades
Younger students will continue to build foundational math skills on the path to advanced mathematics.
Middle grades
Ensure a positive math trajectory by targeting gaps and correcting misconceptions of middle-school students.
High school grades
Motivate older students to achieve to their highest potential, on the road to college and career.
English language learners
Live support in Spanish and English empowers ELLs to accelerate conceptual development.
Struggling learners
Strategic scaffolds and immediate support address unfinished learning and close gaps.