Personalized learning

Imagine Math is a rigorous, standards-aligned math program that personalizes learning for each student. Students are immersed in a language-​rich curriculum that uses data to scaffold concepts for each learner, ultimately​ leading to deep understanding and college- and career-readiness. Because the system is adaptive, students learn in their zone of proximal development with the right degree of challenge. Imagine Math was intentionally created to ​support the Universal Design for Learning with instruction that is supported by meaningful practice.

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On-Demand Teachers

A distinguishing feature of Imagine Math is our online, certified math teachers available for students when they need personalized intervention and support. 

One-on-one online teaching becomes available to students after they have attempted a problem, accessed digital help tools, and demonstrated that additional support is needed to understand and master a concept—fostering productive struggle while ensuring students get the help they need.

Imagine Math online teachers participate in ongoing professional development. Learn more about the qualifications required for Imagine Math teachers.

Proactive Intervention

Imagine Math monitors students’ progress throughout each problem. Students are sometimes hesitant to seek help, even in situations where productive struggle might be turning into frustration. Imagine Math’s Proactive Intervention system prompts struggling students with a reminder that there’s a live teacher ready to help—ensuring students feel supported and confident in their learning.

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Quantile Framework

The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics is a universal scale for both assessment and ​instruction that is widely accepted for interpreting student performance.

Imagine Math assessments ​are aligned to Quantile measures and provide educators with a reliable measure ​of student readiness to learn specific concepts. It can also be used as a tool to​ tailor instruction. This scale customizes Imagine Math pathways and provides rich data to inform instruction. 

Math Tools

When students are able to explore why math works, they’re able to build enduring conceptual understanding.

Imagine Math’s Bar Model, Number Line, Fraction Shapes, and Fraction Pieces are available to help students make sense of problems and for teachers to implement as a part of their instruction​. 

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Application Tasks & Math Journaling Tools

Imagine Math Application Tasks are designed to foster communication and mathematical discourse. They provide opportunities for students to solve multi-step problems connecting math to the real world through science, technology, art, and music.​

Each task is supported by resources including rubrics and graphic organizers that teachers can use to provide scaffolds and language supports, ensuring multiple points of entry so that all students can experience success in problem solving.

Actionable Data
Want to quickly identify your students' strengths and gaps in mathematics? 


The Overview Report offers a helpful overview of students’ usage and classroom performance, helping educators identify performance patterns while they track usage.

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Drill down with Standards Reports


Identify specific challenges and opportunities at both the individual and class level through a set of drill-down reports. These reports show which standards are areas of concern for students so teachers can plan their next strategy. 

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Track student progress


How are remediation lessons helping students with their grade-level lessons? Which lessons were passes and fails? Find the answers in the Student Progress Reports, and see how a student’s performance is changing over time.

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