Imagine Español Research

Texas students outscore non-users on STAR Reading Spanish Test

First-graders in Texas that use Imagine Español scored higher on STAR Reading Spanish Test than non-users.

Imagine Español Compendium of Research Principles

This list details the key principles, practices, and philosophies that make up the
foundation of Imagine Español.
Research-based Foundation for Imagine Español

Each activity in the Imagine Español curriculum is based on current research principles taken from the United States, Mexico, and a sampling of other countries to provide a global perspective of Spanish. These confirmed instructional practices and trusted educational philosophies have been proven to facilitate language development. 

Literacy skills and strategies learned in one language transfer to a second language without the need to be relearned. A balanced approach to literacy incorporates synthetic, analytic, and sociopsychological strategies.

These include phonological awareness skills and decoding (the more mechanical practices) along with language- and literature-rich activities. Imagine Español incorporates these instructional features in program content by focusing on the following skills:

✓ Syllable awareness taught with contextualized words and rhyming
✓ Letter name and sound instruction
✓ Letter tracing
✓ Instruction and practice with targeted syllable structures and high frequency words
✓ Fluency practice first in Spanish and then in English
✓ Predictable texts with beginning books
✓ Vocabulary development

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Future Research

We are seeking partnerships with school districts for future efficacy studies. Please let us know if you are interested in participating.