Imagine Español Research

Texas students outscore non-users on STAR Reading Spanish Test

First-graders in Texas that use Imagine Español scored higher on STAR Reading Spanish Test than non-users.

Imagine Español Compendium of Research Principles

This list details the key principles, practices, and philosophies that make up the
foundation of Imagine Español.
Research-based Foundation for Imagine Español

Each activity in the Imagine Español curriculum is based on current research principles taken from the United States, Mexico, and a sampling of other countries to provide a global perspective of Spanish. These confirmed instructional practices and trusted educational philosophies have been proven to facilitate language development. 

Literacy skills and strategies learned in one language transfer to a second language without the need to be relearned. A balanced approach to literacy incorporates synthetic, analytic, and sociopsychological strategies.

These include phonological awareness skills and decoding (the more mechanical practices) along with language- and literature-rich activities. Imagine Español incorporates these instructional features in program content by focusing on the following skills:

✓ Syllable awareness taught with contextualized words and rhyming
✓ Letter name and sound instruction
✓ Letter tracing
✓ Instruction and practice with targeted syllable structures and high frequency words
✓ Fluency practice first in Spanish and then in English
✓ Predictable texts with beginning books
✓ Vocabulary development

Future Research

During the 2018–2019 or 2019–2020 school year, Imagine Learning will conduct a study of the effectiveness of Imagine Español. The study will be designed to align with the moderate level of evidence and will include kindergarten students.


We are seeking partnerships with school districts for future efficacy studies. Please let us know if you are interested in participating.