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ESSA Evidence

Statistically significant positive impact for Imagine Math users

Grade 3–8 Imagine Math users in Texas made statistically greater gains on the STAAR assessment than non-users.

Significant positive effects for grade 3-12 Imagine Math users

Imagine Math users were over three times more likely than non-users to be categorized as proficient on a statewide mathematics assessment.

Positive growth for Imagine Math users in grades 3-8

Students who used Imagine Math were more likely than non-users to achieve higher placement levels on the STAAR mathematics assessment.

Improved student outcomes shown in STEM Action Center Evaluation

Imagine Math users are 33% more likely than their peers to be proficient.

Imagine Math Effectiveness Study Report 2017-2018

Imagine Math program is effective in improving fourth, fifth and sixth grade students' math skills.

Additional Evidence of Effectiveness

Improved math performance in Los Angeles County Office of Education

Imagine Math users in LACOE showed that the longer they used the program, the more problems they answered correctly on the first try.

Improved performance on the ACT Aspire Test

In Lott Middle School, statistical analyses revealed that Imagine Math users improved, on average, by 11 percent on the ACT aspire Test.

Positive Quantile growth for Imagine Math students

Completing one or more lessons per week lead to a 57% increase in average Quantile score.

Imagine Math Texas Statewide Impact Report: 2016-2017

Across the state of Texas, Imagine Math users achieved greater quantile score growth with increased use of the program.

Imagine Math Texas Statewide Impact Report: 2017-2018

Imagine Math students in the state of Texas achieved an average quantile score growth of 128Q over the school year.

Imagine Math National Impact Report: 2017-2018

Across the nation, the use of Imagine Math leads to substantial Quantile gains.

Increased performance on PARCC for Maryland Imagine Math students

Over 1,000 students in Maryland that used Imagine Math demonstrated improvements in proficiency scores on the PARCC math assessment.

Virginia students score higher on SOL Exam when using Imagine Math

Students using Imagine Math in Virginia had a significantly higher passing rate on SOL Math assessments that non-users.

Washington students show higher growth on SBAC Math Assessment

Imagine Math students in Washington state (grades 4–8) showed significantly greater SBAC Math score growth than non-users.

ELs score substantially higher on Quantile math assessment nationwide

Over 3,000 EL students from across the US that used Imagine Math showed substantial increases on Quantile math assessments.

Higher Scores on STAAR Exam Are Correlated with Imagine Math Usage

Fifth-grade students in Texas who passed more Imagine Math lessons scored higher on STAAR Mathematics assessment than their peers.

California students score higher on SBAC Mathematics Assessment

Study finds California students that passed more Imagine Math lessons scored higher on SBAC Mathematics assessment.

Charter School Students Show Growth on Math Assessments

Charter school students in Florida that used Imagine Math during 2017–2018 school year showed growth on FSA and NWEA™ MAP® Math assessments

Imagine Learning Improves Reading and Math Scores in Texas

Positive association between time in program and STAAR performance for grade 4-8 students in Texas school district.

Texas Students Using Imagine Learning Achieve Higher STAAR Scores

Increased use of Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Math leads to improved STAAR scaled score growth for grade 4-8 students in Texas.

Imagine Math Users Achieve Greater Increases in Math Proficiency in WV

Time spent in Imagine Math and achieving math proficiency were positively associated for grade 6-8 students on the WVGSA assessment.

Imagine Math Users More Likely to Achieve STAAR Math Proficiency

Increased use of the Imagine Math program is positively associated with improved mathematics proficiency for grade 3-8 students in Texas.

CO Imagine Math Students More Likely to Achieve Math Proficiency

Grade 4-8 students in Colorado achieve greater CMAS scaled scores with increased Imagine Math use.

Texas Students Using Imagine Math Achieve Increased STAAR Performance

Students in grades 3-8 who passed more Imagine Math lessons achieved increased STAAR performance.

Logic Model

Imagine Math Logic Model

This model shows the interrelationship between program features, implementation activities, & desired student and teacher outcomes

Current Research


Tier 1 ESSA Research

During the 2020-2021 school year, The Center for Research and Reform in Education at John’s Hopkins University is collaborating with Imagine Learning to conduct a randomized control trial evaluating the effectiveness of the Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Math programs.