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Lauren Williams, 1st grade teacher at Harding Elementary (Lebanon, PA) talks about Imagine Language & Literacy
Lauren Williams
1st grade teacher, Harding Elementary (Lebanon, PA)
“I have twenty-two students right now, and they are all at a different level. So, being able to give them a tool (like Imagine Language & Literacy) that meets them at their level and grows with them—is huge.”
Foster Leaf, a K-8 math specialist in Phoenix
Foster Leaf
K–8 math strategist, Isaac Middle School (Phoenix, AZ)
“Imagine Math Facts really helps students with their basic math fluency so they're Algebra I ready.”
Genie Baca, principal of Eastridge Elementary in Amarillo, talks about Imagine Español
Genie Baca
Principal, Eastridge Elementary (Amarillo, TX)
“Imagine Español works on all the components of reading (such as) phonemic awareness, comprehension, and—of course—vocabulary, which is very important for our second-language learners.”
Jim Wilson
Principal, Beaumont ISD (Beaumont, TX)
“By addressing each student individually, Imagine Math allows us to impact more students where they are. If (they) need to slow down or are capable of moving forward, they can have their needs met.”
Imagine Nation
Imagine Nation
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