After being inspired by the NASA facility next door to her school, Allison says she wants to work at NASA when she grows up. She says the hardest thing about school is learning to read.

“Every day I am learning to read better.” – Allison

Unfamiliar concepts are no problem for Allison, thanks to the engaging and motivating content in Imagine Language & Literacy.

Personalized Learning

After Allison completes her initial placement test, she enters an individualized learning path that will help her build foundational and independent reading skills.

Academic Vocabulary

Through multi-sensory learning, explicit instruction, and guided practice, Allison will develop her academic language vocabulary and experience authentic, rigorous text.

Allison’s learning path

Watch excerpts from Imagine Language & Literacy activities.

Allison’s learning path

01 Word Video

Word Video

Allison develops academic language by watching peers use target tier 2 and 3 vocabulary words in authentic contexts.

02 Fix It Up

Fix It Up

Allison will learn to recognize over 30 important affixes, create new words, and place them in sentences.

03 Word-a-Tron


As Allison places words in sentences, she builds comprehension and learns to recognize related words.

04 During Reading Questions

During Reading Questions

After an incorrect response, Allison receives immediate feedback that encourages her to try again.

05 Application Station

Application Station

In this activity, Allison can identify story elements and answer questions interactively.

06 Story Circles

Story Circles

By using a graphic organizer, Allison can compare and contrast story elements.

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