Carmen is a charming kindergartener in Atlanta, Georgia. She loves Imagine Language & Literacy so much that she reminds her teacher when it’s time to get on the computer.

“I’m learning more sight words. It’s going to help me in first grade.” – Carmen

Carmen’s favorite activity is Build a Monster, where she practices letter recognition in an engaging way

Early Literacy Skills

As Carmen moves through the program, she’s developing pre-reading skills, learning print concepts/alphabet knowledge, and accelerating her vocabulary development.

School Readiness

Engaging word games, songs, and activities help Carmen prepare cognitively, socially, and emotionally for what lies ahead in school.

Carmen’s learning path

Watch excerpts from Imagine Language & Literacy activities.

Carmen’s learning path

01 Syllable Count

Syllable Count

In this activity, Carmen identifies the number of syllables in the words she hears.

02 Letters Shapes and Sounds

Letters Shapes and Sounds

Carmen learns how to recognize a letter of the alphabet by its shape and sound.

03 Jazz ABC Song

Jazz ABC Song

This updated ABC song teaches Carmen the entire alphabet in an engaging and fun way.

04 Mega Mazels

Mega Mazels

Colorful creatures called mazels help Carmen practice regularly spelled and key words from the books she will read.

05 Ready to Spell

Ready to Spell

During this activity, Carmen learns how to use word-family patterns to spell regularly spelled words.

06 Read and Record

Read and Record

After listening to a narrator read a short literary passage, Carmen reads the same passage aloud while the program records her voice.

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