Emily is a delightful second grader who is thriving in school after a challenging start. For the first two years of school, Emily was completely non-verbal. But as Emily interacted with the program, her audio recordings showed her transition from inaudible mumbling to clear speech.

"Imagine Language & Literacy has everything I need to learn." - Emily

Emily's favorite activity is Name That Word, where she always gets four stars.

Scaffolded Instruction

Strategic instructional scaffolding gives Emily the support she needs, exactly when she needs it. When she is ready to move on, the support fades.

Safe Learning Environment

As students work one on one with the program, they build confidence and skills in a safe environment. This is especially important for Emily, who is on the autistic spectrum.

Emily’s learning path

Watch excerpts from Imagine Language & Literacy activities.

Emily’s learning path

01 Name That Word

Name That Word

Within a game-show format, Emily identifies the correct word using as few clues as possible.

02 Syllable Story

Syllable Story

To decode multisyllabic words, Emily separates syllables based on letter sounds and syllable patterns.

03 Intro to Fables/Folktales

Intro to Fables/Folktales

This activity teaches Emily how to find the message of a fable or folktale.

04 Inferential Questions

Inferential Questions

This peer-modeled video helps Emily find the meaning behind the words.

05 Recording Studio: Make It Plural

Recording Studio: Make It Plural

As she listens and responds, Emily learns how to create plural words.

06 Grammar: Time Seekers 1 & 2

Grammar: Time Seekers 1 & 2

Emily listens to prompts and tests her own understanding of plural nouns.

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