Esther is a fifth-grade student in Florida, where she enjoys working on Imagine Math with her friends. In fact, sometimes her teacher has a hard time getting her to stop once she gets going.

“The program is really self-motivated and helps me know I can do this.” – Esther

Whenever Esther struggles to understand a mathematical concept, clicking the help tab allows her to identify common misconceptions and try a different strategy.

On-Demand Support

If Esther still feels stuck during an Imagine Math lesson, she can access live, one-on-one instruction from a math-certified teacher—even on weekends and holidays.

Powerful Motivators

As Esther and her friends complete lessons in Imagine Math, they earn reward points that motivate them to persevere through problems and gain a new-found confidence in math.

Esther’s learning path

Watch excerpts from Imagine Math activities.

Esther’s learning path

01 Pre-quiz


A pre-quiz determines Esther’s current level of math understanding before she begins her Imagine Math pathway.

02 Warm-up


An engaging warm-up activity prepares Esther for the new math concepts she’ll encounter in the lesson.

03 Guided learning

Guided learning

During Guided Learning and Problem Solving, Esther can connect with a live math teacher when she feels stuck.

04 Problem solving

Problem solving

Problem Solving helps Esther build higher-order thinking strategies and strengthen her math muscle.

05 Practice


Esther can use Practice sessions to build more conceptual understanding of lesson concepts.

06 Higher-level content

Higher-level content

When Esther progresses beyond grade-level content, her teacher can assign her higher-level content.

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