Jayla is a determined Los Angeles student who struggled with language arts—but Imagine Language & Literacy has helped her so much, she calls the program her “technology mom.”

“I’m working hard now so that when I get to college, I’ll be ready.” - Jayla

Jayla knows she can do anything she puts her mind to, and she already has a clear vision of where she wants to go.

Higher Order Thinking

As Jayla encounters more rigorous ELA content, she develops the critical reasoning skills and comprehension strategies that will prepare her for long-term academic success.

Informational Text

To help students like Jayla navigate the challenge of non-fiction text, Imagine Language & Literacy offers developmentally appropriate text that’s rigorous but engaging.

Jayla's learning path

Watch excerpts from Imagine Language & Literacy activities.

Jayla's learning path

01 Main Idea Instruction

Main Idea Instruction

Jayla learns how to pinpoint the main idea and supporting details of a story or article.

02 Context Clues

Context Clues

Five context strategies help Jayla determine the meaning of unknown and multi-meaning words.

03 Vocab Dash

Vocab Dash

By receiving repeated exposures to words, Jayla has multiple chances to practice vocabulary.

04 During Reading Questions

During Reading Questions

As she reads, Jayla can test her own comprehension by answering questions about a section of text.

05 Application Station

Application Station

Using an interactive worksheet, Jayla can identify story elements and answer questions about what she reads.

06 Types of Evidence

Types of Evidence

In this activity, Jayla identifies different kinds of evidence such as facts, quotes from experts, and statistics.

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