After coming to Texas from Iraq, Mustafa began school on a second-grade reading level. After making great progress on Imagine Language & Literacy, Mustafa was told he could move on to a mainstream high school.

“It’s like a game—but you have to work to get the right answers.” - Mustafa

As an honor student, now Mustafa advocates for other newcomers who can benefit from the program.

Age-Appropriate Activities

Because Mustafa’s needs are different from those of a younger student, his learning pathway includes beginning activities for older students.

Academic Vocabulary

As a newcomer, Mustafa needs a solid academic vocabulary before he can succeed in an English-speaking school. Imagine Language & Literacy helps him progress and meet grade-level expectations.

Mustafa’s learning path

Watch excerpts from Imagine Language & Literacy activities.

Mustafa’s learning path

01 Alphabet Action

Alphabet Action

In this activity, Mustafa learns how to recognize and name uppercase and lowercase letters in English.

02 Time Seekers

Time Seekers

Through contextualized stories, Mustafa learns key grammatical structures he’ll use in speaking and writing.

03 Be Verbs Chant

Be Verbs Chant

A rap-style chant teaches Mustafa how to understand and use “to be” verbs.

04 Listen Up

Listen Up

As Mustafa listens to sentence and paragraph prompts, he must use selective attention to answer questions correctly.

05 Word Videos

Word Videos

These videos target tier 2 and 3 vocabulary words in authentic contexts to facilitate better comprehension.

06 Read and Record

Read and Record

As Mustafa reads aloud, the program records and monitors his oral fluency.

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