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The Summer of YES

Design a customized summer learning program where students not only recover concepts and credits but make their journey back to school empowered and ready to achieve.
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The Solutions You Need for Summer Success

Explore your roadmap to a ‘yes-ful’ summer. Whether you’re taking on credit recovery challenges, staffing demands, intervention needs, or all of the above and then some, our proven solutions are easy to implement.

6–12 Summer School
K–5 Summer Enrichment
Summer Staffing
STEM Camps
Reading and Math Intervention
Support for Multilingual Learners

6–12 Summer School

Credit Recovery

Imagine Edgenuity’s dynamic, customizable courses help students in grades 6–12 meet their personal academic goals over the summer in order to graduate on time. Our credit recovery courses focus only on the material students need to pass, not on what they’ve already learned, and:

  • Include pretesting
  • Adapt to student performance
  • Can be completed in less time than initial credit courses


Summer is also a great opportunity to equip students who want to accelerate their learning. Elective, enrichment, and initial credit students will find the same rigor and adaptability in their summer school curriculum, setting them up to thrive in the fall and beyond. Download your guide to a successful 6–12 summer school and make YES happen this summer.

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Help Students Own Their Summer Learning

Summer Staffing Solutions

Go ahead: expand summer learning programs, because you have access to K–12 certified teachers, special education services, and flexible tutoring and intervention options. Our customizable solutions help you meet the summer staffing squeeze head-on so your students don’t miss a moment of learning.

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Imagine Learning’s online instructors can support your on-campus summer program, or you can save facility expenses and create your own online summer school. Discover how we can help you implement:

  • Certified teaching services
  • On-demand tutoring
  • Small group targeted instruction
  • Speech teletherapy
  • Exceptional education services
  • K–5 virtual summer camps

Choose the model that works best for your district:

Instruction at School

Have teachers from your school or district teach the courses on site or at a central district location.

Instruction at School and Home

Use our live virtual instructors to let students divide online learning between school and home.

Instruction at Home

Use our live virtual instructors and let students learn completely online at home.

Virtual Tutoring

Offer our on-demand tutoring service to provide additional academic support online.

Build Your Own Online Summer School

A Summer of STEM

Why yes, you CAN make this the summer your students code their own dancing robots. Imagine Learning’s supplemental solutions for PreK–12 are perfect for summer school STEM camps, where students can learn computer science in a fun and accessible way, build confidence with grade-level math, and more. Plus, we make implementation easy so you can make more summer breakthroughs happen.

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Design Your Own STEM Camp

K–5 Summer Enrichment

Your goal is to keep elementary students engaged and progressing over the break, and ours is to help in every way we can. With Imagine Learning’s summer pathways for math and personalized instruction for language learners, you can build a custom program that makes unfinished learning “so last spring.”

Imagine Math

  • Fun, adaptive instruction
  • Dedicated summer pathways aligned to state standards
  • On-demand, real-time access to certified, bilingual Live Teachers for grades 3+
  • Content from PreK through high school geometry
  • Summer Math Splash contest with prizes

Imagine Math Facts

  • Award-winning gamification promotes fact fluency
  • Engaging and effective
  • Equips students for pre-algebra readiness and complex math thinking

Imagine Language and Literacy

  • Accelerates reading and English language skill development for grades PreK–6
  • Personalized instruction in all four language domains
  • Pair with Imagine Español to provide early language learners the foundation they need
Say Yes to Summer Math Gains
Get Summer Reading Aligned to the Science

Reading and Math Concept Recovery

Summer is a great time to turn gaps into growth, and concept recovery can help middle school students prepare for high school. Imagine MyPath for K–12 has what you need. Support students with adaptive intervention for grade-level success in reading and math: prioritize critical skills in an engaging, age-appropriate learning environment, and send students back to school in the fall with confidence.

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Explore Middle School Concept Recovery

Support for Multilingual Learners

Students in a computer lab

Rigorous language development over the summer? Yes, definitely! Support Spanish and English students in PreK–12 with evidence-based solutions that immerse students in authentic Spanish content. Our game-like learning environments adapt to students’ strengths to engage and motivate them all summer.

Dig Into English Language Development

Summer Success is Within Reach

Yes, your summer learning program can be staffed, effective, engaging, and easy to implement. Connect with us to find out how to get started.

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