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Reframing the Assessment Problem

A guest post by Trey Duke RTI and Instructional Technology Coordinator for Rutherford County Schools, Tennessee Imagine Learning publishes guest posts to stimulate conversations about K-12 education across the country. Opinions expressed herein are those of the individual author and may not necessarily reflect the official opinion of Imagine Learning. Hartman In the world of education, there are often cries for more—more technology, more resources, more parental involvement. These cries for more are well-intentioned and usually justified. However, one thing you never hear a rallying cry for is more assessments. In fact, one could state that over the past few years, "assessment" has become a bad word among teachers and parents. Various community groups and educational agencies see assessments as a waste of class time, as well as a method of turning our students into lifeless spreadsheets of data. This cry reached a pinnacle last year when President Obama's administration called on Congress to look at over assessment of students while working on the new ESSA law.
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