Virtual School Services

Developing a virtual program can extend your reach to better meet the diverse needs of more K–12 students. We’ll partner with you to provide the curriculum, guidance, and support you need to build a successful virtual program.

virtual school services

Customized Solutions to Launch a Successful Virtual Program

We partner with districts across the country to design customized learning experiences to match their goals.

Establishing a customized virtual program with comprehensive support opens new doors for students and educators. Provide students with increased flexibility and learning opportunities, whether they are homebound, seeking dual credit, working full- or part-time, or participating in athletics.

With access to the largest standards-aligned course catalog, offer your students a rich and rewarding K–12 experience taught by your teachers or our highly qualified, certified virtual instructors.

We offer a customizable curriculum, certified virtual instructors, and the necessary tools, professional training and support you need to implement a successful virtual program within your district.

Design and Implement Your Own Virtual Program

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We share educators’ mission to foster student growth.

We partner with schools and districts across the country to design a variety of virtual programs for students in grades K–12 to meet school and student needs and provide support to help you promote your virtual programs to students and families.

Customize a virtual program that meets the needs of your district including:  

  • Course expansion for initial credit
  • Virtual school development
  • Staffing needs
  • Summer school
  • Dropout recovery
  • Special education needs

Customized Learning

Design a virtual program that meets the needs of more students.

Create Equitable Experience in Curricula and Instruction with Virtual Program Solutions

Virtual Teaching

Imagine Instructional Services

Using standards-aligned courses, you can offer a rich and rewarding K–12 curriculum taught by our highly qualified, state-certified virtual instructors to expand course offerings, serve more students, address teacher shortages, and more.

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concept coaching

Virtual Tutors

Real-time, on-demand tutoring for virtual students. Our Concept Coaches offer one-on-one tutoring in grades 3–12 core subjects and world languages, helping to ensure they understand the material in their courses and can move on to more complex concepts.

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Imagine Edgenuity

Imagine Edgenuity

Dynamic, customizable courses to help students in grades 6–12 maximize their full potential. Our initial credit and credit recovery courses provide research-based curricula that adapt to each student’s unique learning journey.

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