Math Fluency Can Save Your Marriage

Yes, this is a tongue-in-cheek post, but considering how our Big Brainz team members spend their lives trying to help folks master their core math facts, we thought this would be a wonderful story to share about how math fluency just might save your relationship.

James Clerk Maxwell and wife, Wiki Commons photo, Imagine Learning, Imagine This blog, Big Brainz, math fluency, marriage

James Clerk Maxwell and his wife Katherine–together, a math-fluent pair!


Read the article here: Math Fluency Can Save Your Marriage



Memorize Your Times Tables, Dear

Imagine Learning, math facts, Big Brainz, multiplication, times tables, solve problem, students, teachers, times tablesSix in every ten Americans report having difficulty solving some type of math, and 30 percent of Americans say they would rather clean the bathroom than solve a math problem.

Yet 93 percent of Americans say that developing good math skills is crucial to having a successful life.

So why would anyone dislike something that brings success?

Most Americans develop their attitudes about math from others. For example, if parents don’t enjoy math, they may pass that attitude forward to children.

Perhaps parents or teachers nag too much. “Memorize your times tables!” they might say, “Work harder!”

Or, perhaps nagging isn’t to blame. Maybe students feel inadequate during math class because they’re just missing out on some key fundamentals.

Whatever the reasons, no one can really deny the importance of mathematics. Math is important in everyday life! Read more »


The Culture of Imagine Learning Español

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Learning about España

In Imagine Learning Español, young students have a great time learning to read in Spanish.

As students begin their learning paths, they listen to letter and syllable sounds, sing along to captivating songs, and build reading skills in activities made just for them.

But most kids are less familiar with how Spanish is spoken around the world. They might think that every Spanish speaker sounds just like them!

The designers of Imagine Learning Español want to help young readers of Spanish appreciate the wider world that surrounds them.

With this goal in mind, Imagine Learning Español includes cultural activities featuring Spanish-speaking countries around the globe. Read more »


Do Math Video Games Really Improve Mathematical Skills?

Math can be a frustrating challenge for some kids. Less so for most adults, generally because age and experience make math easier to comprehend.

It’s not always so simple for kids. Each child has a unique learning style. Some children learn to add by counting on their fingers. Others may make up a song to help them with their times tables.

The best teachers accommodate all learning styles. However, even when teachers use multiple strategies to teach basic addition and subtraction skills, it’s sometimes hard to tell if kids are truly fluent in math facts.

learning times tablesFlash forward to video games. They’ve been around a long time and are a huge hit with kids and teenagers.

To many teachers (and parents), video games may seem like a complete waste of time. Because kids love them, they want to spend a lot of time playing–sometimes to the exclusion of other worthwhile activities.

Enter game-based learning strategies, aka video-based math games.

Educators may wonder if these, too, are a waste of time–or if they actually help kids learn. Current brain research seems to indicate the latter outcome.

 A Case Study: Timez Attack

Big Brainz is a case in point. Its designer, Ben Harrison, was tired of hearing his young daughter come home each day saying that she was “stupid.” As she struggled with math, Ben knew there had to be a better way to give his daughter the math skills she needed to feel confident and successful. Read more »