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Why teachers love Apple's Classroom app for iPad

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Students use Ipad apps to access digital educational programs

If you are using iPads in your classroom, then you should definitely be using Apple's awesome Classroom app for educators. The Classroom app helps you transform your classroom into an interactive learning environment. You control how and when students use their iPads—this frees up your valuable time, helps keep students on task, and assists you in conducting guided learning activities. 

Features that teachers love

Using Classroom to open apps (including Imagine Learning apps)

With the touch of a button, you can launch any app to all of your students at once. Rather than repeating yourself to ensure students are opening the correct app, you can use this feature to save a lot of time, especially during that transition time that's so critical.  

It's very simple to use. Note: You and your students must both have the app installed. 

Launch the Apple Classroom app on your teacher iPad.

  1. Tap Open to view the list of available apps.
  2. Select the app that you would like your students to use. (We recommend any of the Imagine Learning apps!)
  3. You can even lock the iPads into a single app, so students stay focused on their learning within that app. Just select "Lock in app after opening" in the lower right before launching the app.


Picture of iPad screen showing how to open apps on multiple devices at once

Monitor Student Screens

You can view any student’s screen directly on your device. Use this to check in and see how students are progressing through an activity.

  1. Tap Screens to monitor all students' screens.
  2. To view a specific student's screen, select the student and tap View Screen.

Students will know that you are monitoring their screen when they see the status bar turn blue. 

Picture of ipad screen showing the view student screen feature

Lock Student Screens

To get everyone’s attention, you can lock each iPad in your class. This is helpful during an important announcement or activity. You could lock the screens to help students quietly transition between centers or to a new activity. 

  1. Select a student, group of students, or your entire class, then tap Lock
  2. Tap Unlock to unlock the devices.

The screen will be locked on all student devices and students will not be able to access them until the devices are unlocked again. 

Picture of ipad showing the lock iPad feature and screen

How to set up the Classroom app

The initial setup of the Classroom app requires an Apple School Manager account and may require some assistance from your IT administrator.

Here are a few resources to help you get started setting up your class:

Apple's Education Deployment Resources

Classroom Help Page

There are a lot more awesome features of the Classroom app.  Start exploring with the Classroom app in combination with the Imagine Learning apps and let us know how you are taking your classroom management to the next level.