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NYC Imagine Math students earn points, donate money to local food bank

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Students in NYC earn points by completing Imagine Math lessons, then give those points in the form of actual cash to the Food Bank of NYC
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What do you get when you add 7800 students from 184 New York City (NYC) schools working on over 4100 hours of math? If they’re solving problems in the Imagine Math program, you get children learning the value of giving back to their community. 


For one month, students from across NYC competed against each other to complete Imagine Math lessons and earn “THINK points.” The THINK points were then converted to actual dollars and donated to the Food Bank for NYC. 


This innovative program is the brain-child of Imagine Learning, a Utah-based educational technology company, that teaches kids to love math and give back to their community. 


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Lisa Wise, Motivational Manager at Imagine Learning, hopes the program teaches kids the value of paying it forward while continuing to achieve academically. “We want students to be a part of something bigger,” said Wise. “We create these opportunities for students to work as a team and individually.”


The NYC schools donated a total of 10.2 million THINK points during the “Pay it Forward” competition. The points translated to a check for $1,023.00 which was donated to the Food Bank of NYC, enough to purchase 5,000 meals for families in need.


The competition pitted NYC schools against each other, competing to be named “Top School” by passing their online math lessons. This year’s competition named PS 13 as the winning school, earning a school assembly and bragging rights to the coveted title.


“It’s great to see young people doing math, learning, and also giving back,” said Camesha Grant, Vice President of Community Connections and Reach for the Food Bank of New York City. “When a company like Imagine Learning connects learning to giving back, it’s a win-win situation across the board,” expressed Grant.

To learn more about the Imagine Learning NYC Pay it Forward project, watch this short video.