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Independent Research Firm Finds Imagine Learning Benchmark Test Demonstrates Technical Rigor as a Universal Screener

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Third-party research firm reports Imagine Learning’s benchmark tool demonstrated technical rigor in identifying at-risk students

RMC Research Corporation, a national leader in program research and evaluation, recently identified Imagine Learning’s Language & Literacy Benchmark Tests as a technically rigorous screening instrument for identifying at-risk students. The nation-wide study, which analyzed data from over 12,000 K-6 students, categorized the Imagine Learning assessment tool as High for reliability and validity, and Moderate to High for classification accuracy guided by technical criteria defined by the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII). The study was conducted during the winter and spring of 2017.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.52.59 AMThe Imagine Language & Literacy benchmark test is used by educators to screen students at the beginning, middle, and end of a school year to identify and document growth of students who may need additional or more intensive instruction to academically succeed. The computerized, adaptive assessment tool is made up of subtests that measure letter/word recognition, phonological awareness, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

We know that around eighty percent of students respond well to high quality classroom instruction,” explained Ruby West, Director of Assessment Solutions for Imagine Learning. “To be able to identify the other twenty percent or so of students quickly and accurately so that teachers can put effective intervention strategies in place as early as possible can make all the difference for children who need extra help.”

We’re thrilled to partner with teachers and administrators by providing effective assessment tools,” expressed Joe Swenson, CEO of Imagine Learning. “We know how hard teachers work to provide individualized instruction to each child and we love working alongside educators to help students of all abilities reach their academic potential.”

“This research suggests that the Imagine Language & Literacy benchmark test is a valid and reliable tool for educators to make informed decisions about student instruction,” shared Dr. Shelly Billig, Vice President at RMC Research Corporation.

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The RMC Research study, which included students from eight states across four US regions, showed no evidence of bias for gender, ELL status, or race. Imagine Learning educational software programs are currently being used in over 25,000 schools across the country, serving over three million students.

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