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Imagine Learning and NWEA Partner to Connect Assessment and Instruction for Students

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Partnership combines leading EdTech company instruction with advanced assessment tools to place students in effective, individualized learning paths
Teacher helping student with Imagine Learning program

Educational technology company, Imagine Learning, has partnered with NWEA, the not-for-profit provider of assessment solutions, to combine effective, evidence-based instruction with industry-leading assessments. The partnership will provide students across the country using Imagine Learning products with individually customized learning pathways as well as valuable progress reports for teachers looking for ways to close achievement gaps.

This partnership brings proven digital instruction together with robust growth data from a normed test. The MAP Growth assessment from NWEA will be administered as a benchmark test and paired with Imagine Math and Imagine Language & Literacy, two digital learning programs offered by Imagine Learning. This will allow teachers to create customized assignments for students using MAP Growth results and ultimately will provide automated personalized instructional pathways for each student.

“In addition to the valid and reliable benchmark tests and assessments Imagine Learning provides in our products, we can now coordinate with one of the most popular independent assessment solutions to provide options for aligning assessment and instruction,” shared Ruby West, Director of Assessment Solutions at Imagine Learning.

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“Our partnership with NWEA strengthens the academic impact Imagine Learning already delivers for students and teachers,” stated Jeremy Cowdrey, Co-President of Imagine Learning. “We value working with teachers to give students every opportunity they need to reach their potential. Joining forces with NWEA allows us to empower students with personalized learning tools while providing teachers with important information to help each child achieve.”

“MAP Growth connects with an extensive array of effective curriculum and instructional providers in the industry, so teachers have the flexibility to use assessment results with their current curricula and instructional tools,” said Melissa Johnston, Chief Strategy Officer at NWEA. “Imagine Learning has research-based solutions which when combined with MAP Growth data allow teachers to provide their students with personalized instruction and learning experiences that target their individual needs.”

The MAP Growth assessments augment the existing valid and reliable benchmark assessments already offered within the Imagine Learning programs. Currently, over three million preK–12 students in over 20,000 schools across the US use Imagine Learning programs.

MAP Growth provides a precise measure of a K–12 student’s academic achievement and growth. A computer-adaptive assessment, it adjusts to each student’s responses to provide personalized results about what each student knows, is able to do, and is ready to learn next—whether on, above, or below grade level. Teachers receive immediate and actionable information in easy-to-use reports to help differentiate instruction for students in need of remediation and those high performers requiring additional enrichment. Because MAP Growth tracks individual student growth over time, it can help predict each student’s proficiency and college readiness.

MAP Growth was the sole assessment awarded in the 2017 THE Journal Readers’ Choice Awards best assessment category. The awards recognize the best education technology products and services used by teachers throughout the country. MAP Growth also was named a winner of the Tech & Learning 2017 Awards of Excellence, which recognize the best new and upgraded education tools that help educators in teaching, training and managing with technology.

NWEA® is a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization that supports students and educators worldwide by creating assessment solutions that precisely measure growth and proficiency—and provide insights to help tailor instruction. Learn more about NWEA at


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