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Imagine Math Students Donate Thousands to Hurricane Florence Relief

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In just three days, U.S. students solve over 535,000 math problems, converting earned math points to $5,000 for the American Red Cross Hurricane Florence Relief Fund
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Imagine Learning, developer of the award-winning Imagine Math digital curriculum, announced today that math students from across the country raised $5,000 for the American Red Cross Hurricane Florence Relief Fund—three days after hearing about the disaster.

When the students of Imagine Nation learned about the impact Hurricane Florence had on fellow students and residents of North Carolina, they immediately began working on their math lessons and donating their math points to help. The Imagine Math program allows students to earn points by completing math lessons, then translates those points into actual dollars to donate to charity. During the donation period, students solved more than 535,000 math problems and donated over 12.5 million earned math points, which translates to $5,000 for Hurricane Florence relief. 

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“Imagine Math students across the nation are always willing to do extra math lessons to help others in need,” said Lisa Wise, Motivation Manager at Imagine Learning. “Once again, when disaster strikes, Imagine Math students show their compassion by stepping up to help. Through our charitable points program, we try to teach lessons that go beyond math and make it easy for students to give to charitable endeavors.”

Lahari, a student in San Jose, California, donated the most points to the Imagine Math Hurricane Florence fundraiser. Lahari explained that donating her points made her feel good about helping someone in need. “If I donate [my Imagine Math points] to someone in need of help, I will have this happy feeling that I might’ve helped save one’s life,” she explained. “To me, this feeling will bring a lot more joy than using my points for something else, like upgrading my avatar.” 

Rylan, a student in Florida, donated 55,000 of his earned points to the Hurricane Florence fund—making him one of the top donors as well. “I felt like [Hurricane] Florence caused so much devastation in the Carolinas that the least I could do was donate as many points as I possibly could,” shared Rylan.

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This donation is a part of Imagine Learning's charitable giving program which has raised over $550,000 for local and national charities since its inception in 2007. During the 2017–2018 school year, Imagine Math students completed over three million math problems and donated over sixty-five million math points to the Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, California Wildfire, and Hawaii Relief funds. 

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