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Imagine Math Students Make Donation to American Red Cross California Wildfire Relief Fund Donation

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In just two days, U.S. students solve over 535,000 math problems, converting earned math points to $5,000 for the American Red Cross California Wildfire Relief Fund
Student using Imagine Math on laptop

Imagine Learning, developer of the award-winning Imagine Math 3-8 digital curriculum, announced that math students from across the country raised $5,000 for the American Red Cross California Wildfire Relief Fund—two days after hearing about the disaster. This was the quickest donation period to date for the students of Imagine Nation. A check was presented on Friday, December 14 to Julie Klayman-Smith from the American Red Cross-Greater Los Angeles chapter by Hannah Weston, Customer Success Manager with Imagine Learning.

Students earn points by completing math problems in the Imagine Math 3-8 program, then donate those points in the form of actual dollars to charitable causes. Since the program’s inception in 2008, students have completed over 60 million math problems which translates into over $122,000 donation to the American Red Cross.

“Over the past ten years, students of Imagine Nation have generously donated to American Red Cross relief funds around the world and in their own backyard,” shared Lisa Wise, Motivation Manager for Imagine Learning. “At Imagine Learning, we believe it is important to provide students a vehicle to give and support their communities at this precise time of need. Throughout the years, students have repeatedly and consistently converted their hard-earned THINK point donations a variety of American Red Cross causes, including the Haitian Relief Fund, the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund, numerous hurricane relief funds, and most recently, the California Wildfire Relief Fund. We are continually amazed by our students’ willingness to give back to those in need.”

“We are extremely grateful for the continued support of Imagine Learning, who together with their students, parents, faculty, and staff have provided funding for our national disaster relief operations whenever it is needed,” noted Dan Tobin, spokesperson for American Red Cross. “Since 2008, Imagine Learning has donated over $100,000 in support of our relief efforts. Thanks to their commitment, we are able to provide temporary shelter, clothing, and other vital services and supplies to people whose lives have been torn apart due to disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. Not only is the Imagine Learning community providing much-needed funding for disaster relief, but their efforts are instilling in their students the importance of helping others during times of need.” 


(Julie Klayman-Smith from the American Red Cross-Greater Los Angeles chapter accepts check for $5,000 from Hannah Weston, Customer Success Manager with Imagine Learning.)

Students involved in giving to the American Red Cross causes often express that they feel good about being able to help others by donating their math points. “On the news I saw this town where all the houses and trees were burning and I just imagined for a second how I would feel if I was in a car driving and knew that I had lost everything,” explained Adnan, a student in Liberty, Missouri, who donated the most points to the Imagine Math 3-8 California Wildfire fundraiser. “The next day I came to school and saw on Imagine Math that there were some ways to donate and I saw the Wildfire Relief fund and knew I could do something to help.”

Teachers also share that the charitable donation program in Imagine Math 3-8 is a teaching tool that combines math and giving back to the community. “We call them “points with a purpose,” explained Ms. Caywood, a teacher at EPiC Elementary School who uses the program in her classroom. “We spend a lot of time in our project-based learning environment looking at problems in our community and how we can solve them. Imagine Math 3-8’s charitable giving program gives us a chance to easily make the connections between needs in the world and our instruction. It is a great program that supports my passion of educating the whole child—mind, body, and heart.”

This donation is a part of Imagine Learning's charitable giving program which has raised over $550,000 for local and national charities since its inception in 2008. During the 2017–2018 school year, Imagine Math 3-8 students completed over three million math problems and donated over sixty-five million math points to the Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, California Wildfire, and Hawaii Relief funds.