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Imagine Math Students in Virginia Score Higher Standards of Learning (SOL) Proficiency Rate

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Students in Virginia who used Imagine Math score significantly higher passing rate on SOL Math performance than non-users
Student using Imagine Math

A recent study found that students in Virginia that used Imagine Math 3-8 during the 2017–2018 school year had a statistically significant higher passing rate on the Standards of Learning (SOL) Math assessment than students that did not use the program. 

In total, results from 3,085 students in grades six through nine were examined. Student demographic and SOL Math performance data were obtained from a Virginia school district and each Imagine Math 3-8 user was statistically matched with one similar non-user based on grade, LEP status, disability status, and the previous year’s SOL Math performance.

The average effect of Imagine Math 3-8 use was estimated by statistically comparing the percent of students who completed more than twenty Imagine Math lessons and achieved or exceeded the proficient level on SOL Math assessment to the percent of students who achieved or exceeded the proficient level on SOL Math that did not use Imagine Math. The objective of this study was to determine the effectiveness of Imagine Math in improving Standards of Learning (SOL) Math performance in Virginia schools, thereby fulfilling ESSA requirements for evidence of effectiveness.

The study found that students from each grade level examined who used Imagine Math 3-8 with fidelity had a statistically significant higher passing rate (.01 level) than non-users. These findings demonstrate that regular use of Imagine Math 3-8 is associated with significant increases in performance on SOL Math assessment and imply that additional schools that adopt the Imagine Math 3-8 program would experience similar gains for their students in grades 6–9.

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For more information about the study, visit our Imagine Math research page.