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California students using Imagine Language & Literacy show significantly greater NWEA MAP growth

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Students from a Northern California school district using Imagine Language & Literacy scored significantly higher on NWEA MAP assessments than their non-user peers
Student using Imagine Language & Literacy
Study Background

During the 2017–2018 school year, forty elementary schools in a Northern California school district implemented Imagine Language & Literacy as a supplemental tool for students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade. To determine the impact of the program on student growth, NWEA MAP scores were compared from the beginning and end of the school year for approximately 15,200 users and 3,800 non-users of the Imagine Language & Literacy program. Students who used Imagine Language & Literacy logged an average of approximately twenty-four hours in the program across the school year.

Research Results

The study found a statistically significant and positive impact for Imagine Language & Literacy users. In fact, the difference between users and non-users equated to an effect size of .28 which surpasses the expected effect sizes for similar education technology intervention tools. 

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The results of this study support the role of Imagine Language & Literacy as a supplementary tool for the development of language and literacy achievement. Students who used the program in this California school district for the 2017–2018 school year experienced significant improvements in language and literacy proficiency as demonstrated by performance on the NWEA’s MAP assessment. Given these findings, we would expect similar results for other students who use the Imagine Language & Literacy program with fidelity


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