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Video: EL Students Share Their Stories

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Middle and high school students share how using Imagine Learning helped them learn English, feel connected, and become more confident learners
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English learners and graduation rates

In 2008, only 35% of English learners graduated from high school. As a result, the state of Utah created a software initiative to help English learners. Imagine Learning partnered with the state of Utah to implement the program statewide in 2009. Ten years later, 70% of English learners graduated from Utah high schools. 

 Students share their stories

In this new video, five students who used Imagine Learning (now Imagine Language & Literacy) as elementary students or newcomers conveyed the impact the program had on them. The students, now in middle school and high school, share their individual stories about the difference that Imagine Learning made in their life as they learned English and became more confident learners.

Excerpts from their narratives include:

  • “Imagine Learning helped me connect with English and helped me make friends.” -Juan
  • “Imagine Learning helped me feel more confident reading.” -Marisol
  • “Imagine Learning helped me learn vocabulary words and how to pronounce words more correctly.” -Abraham
  • “Imagine Learning helped me feel more confident to talk to others I’d never talked to before.” -Francisco
  • “Imagine Learning sparked my passion for English. I know I want to change the world in some way, and the fact that I speak Spanish and English is going to help.” -Maria

Making a difference for students

Imagine Learning programs help build strong, more confident learners every day in classrooms all across the country. Currently, over 2.7 million students use Imagine Learning programs in over 23,000 schools. Want to know more about how Imagine Learning can help inspire confidence in your students? Visit