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Video: Bilingualism vs Biliteracy

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Stephen Fowler, Imagine Learning's Dual Language Expert, explains the difference between bilingualism and biliteracy.


Here's a brief overview:

Bilingualism vs Biliteracy

Bilingualism means the ability to listen and speak in two or more languages. 

Biliteracy means not only being able to listen and speak in two or more languages, but also the ability to read and write proficiently in two or more languages.

The Value of Biliteracy for Students

Biliterate students may earn the Seal of Biliteracy upon graduating from high school, which can open doors of opportunity for college or a career. 

Imagine Learning Support Dual Language Programs

Learn more about how Imagine Learning programs, like Imagine Español combined with Imagine Language & Literacy, provide students with the keys necessary to becoming biliterate, global citizens.


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