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Giving Back the Imagine Learning Way

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Imagine Learning students and employees give back to the community through donations and service projects
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There are a variety of reasons that companies participate in corporate social responsibility projects. Today’s socially conscious consumer wants to partner with and support companies that not only offer great products, but also contribute to the welfare of society.

Employees feel a higher sense of satisfaction in their job when they work for a company that actively participates in programs to give back to the community. When employees are given opportunities to volunteer, especially during working hours, they develop a greater sense of community within the organization, feel more connected to the surrounding community, and experience an increase in motivation and pride in their work.

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Imagine Learning understands the importance of giving back. Beyond creating digital education programs that help teachers and support students, Imagine Learning gives back through student motivation program donations, employee service opportunities, and a year-round book donation program.

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Throughout the school year, students using Imagine Math 3–8 have opportunities to use the points they earn in the program by completing lessons to make donations to charitable organizations such as local food banks, victims of natural disasters, or other meaningful causes. Since 2008, Imagine Math students have given over $660,000 in charitable donations by completing 8.2 million math lessons and donating 5.3 trillion earned math points.

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To celebrate employee birthdays, each employee chooses a favorite children’s book and the company donates these books to schools around the country.

Additionally, Imagine Learning hosts an annual company-wide conference that includes a community service component. In 2019, all 500+ employees divided into groups and served at local schools to build desks, shelve books, paint playgrounds, and mulch school yards. Previous projects include knitting and donating hats for hospital cancer units and collecting and donating back-to-school supplies for students in foster homes. 

To add to their community service opportunities, the educational technology company organized a “Month of Service” program during November 2019 where employees could spend up to four hours from their regular work schedule serving at a local school—without taking paid time off. Employees logged over 200 volunteer hours reading to students, repairing library books, planting class gardens, and doing yard work for schools as part of the Month of Service program. Additionally, the Imagine Learning Tucson Arizona Office collected over 2,000 food items to donate to a local food bank during November 2019.

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“Each of these service opportunities is an avenue to show our support for schools, educators, students, and the community,” shared Jeremy Cowdrey, President of Imagine Learning. “Our students share that they love making a difference for others and our employees tell us that they gain a deeper appreciation for educators when they volunteer in the schools. Ultimately, giving back helps us feel more connected to each other and our communities.”