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Ignite engagement through language development: Steve's story

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New video introduces Steve, a third-grade student who is using Imagine Language & Literacy. Then we catch up with Steve—five years later.

Ignite Engagement with Steve - imaginelearning

(NOTE: Steve changed his name from Kyaw a few years after moving to the United States.)

When Steve started third grade, a year after moving to the US, he was reading fifteen words a minute. “When I first came to school, I didn’t know a lot of language,” says third-grade Steve. 

Using Imagine Language & Literacy engaged Steve as he built his language skills during elementary school. “When I finish high school, I want to go to college,” he says.

Five years later, Steve acknowledges the impact Imagine Language & Literacy had on opening doors of opportunity in his life.

“[Imagine Language & Literacy] helped me say more,” explains ninth-grade Steve. “Learning English was important, especially when talking to adults.”

Steve plans to attend college and run track.


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