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Video Premiere: Early Learning

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A young female student smiles at the camera while using a tablet


Children begin early learning long before any type of formal education begins.  

Very young children naturally express wonder, curiosity, and delight when learning new things, and if encouraged, these feelings will establish a strong foundation for learning in the classroom and beyond.  

To support our recent early learning campaign, we created a video that shows these emotions in action: the excitement a child feels when he solves that seemingly impossible math problem, the pride a child feels when she reads by herself for the first time, and lots of other small but mighty victories in early learning. These are milestones you must see to truly appreciate — and we’re in the business of fostering those milestones for all types of young learners.  

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Check out our video on early learning to learn more about how Imagine Learning products build strong foundational skills for early learning through adaptive, game-like content that’s equal parts fun and engaging.