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6 Fun National STEM Day Activities to Encourage 21st Century Skills

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6 Fun National STEM Day Activities to Encourage 21st Century Skills

In honor of National STEM Day, we are celebrating by sharing six classroom-ready engaging application tasks from our Imagine Math 3+ program. Try these activities in your class and give your students a chance to practice 21st century skills, enrich their academic vocabulary around math and science, and test drive exciting STEM careers. 

Each application task has a full lesson plan with a few key components, including: 

  • A lesson goal
  • Objectives
  • Language supports
  • An answer key 
  • A built-in rubric

These were created to seamlessly work within a blended learning environment and connect science, technology, engineering and mathematics in meaningful, real-world contexts. Imagine Math 3+ includes 8 application tasks per grade with connections to the 4 C’s of STEM: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Design a Dinosaur Bone Exhibit (Grade 3) 

Challenge your students to build a dinosaur exhibit and use models to generate equivalent fractions. Students will learn the words equivalent, fossil, fraction, and shelf and apply them in context, all while trying their hand at paleontology. 

Measure Beach Erosion (Grade 4) 

Ready to put on your conservation scientist hat? Using line plots to analyze the effects of beach erosion over different time periods, students will reinforce their understanding of adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators, as well as their ability to recognize equivalent fractions. 


Distribute Supplies to Space Expeditions (Grade 5) 

Let’s head into space and make sure we are well-supplied for our trip! In this application task, students create a food distribution plan based on how much the food items weigh at various locations in space. They will practice multiplying whole numbers by fractions and using the words the words distribute, gravity, habitat, and weight in context. 

Compare Costs of Gas-Only and Hybrid Cars (Grade 6) 

We know hybrid cars get better gas mileage than gasoline-fueled cars, but with their higher ticket price, are they more economical to own than gas cars? Put your students’ theories to the test with this activity! Students write and evaluate algebraic expressions to compare total costs for gas-only and hybrid cars over 5 years, then use graphing to check their answers. 

Analyze Aloe Vera Growth and Gel Production (Grade 7) 

How many aloe vera plants does it take to fill one customer order for aloe vera gel? In this practical application task, students solve inequalities to analyze production of aloe vera gel, and use conditional and mathematical language to describe their possible plans. 

Create a Roller Coaster Ride (Grade 8) 

Who wouldn’t want the chance to design their own roller coaster ride? In this activity, students model real-world situations with nonlinear functions and use mathematical language and linking words and phrases to connect their creative ideas as they develop two plans for roller coaster rides. 


Explore Imagine Math 3+ and see how our standards-aligned, adaptive program supports STEM instruction and 21st century skills. Learn more about our engaging Imagine Math application tasks and how to implement them in this video:


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