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5 Catchy PreK–2 Math Songs for Kids

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Ticky Tocky character from Imagine Learning

5 Catchy PreK–2 Math Songs for Kids

When teaching kids math, it’s all about finding engaging ways to pique their interest and get them excited to learn. 

Just like teaching the ABCs, songs are great tools for teaching math, too! 

Math songs make catchy, fun ways to teach all types of content to students of all ages. Incorporating songs and music into your classroom doesn’t require any musical experience or expensive resources—all it takes is a bit of confidence to get your students on board and ready to sing along. 

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When you’re teaching early math concepts such as numbers and counting, math songs for kids are fun ways to help students memorize the names of each number and their order. As students get older, math songs can also help them to learn things like measurements, time, addition, and subtraction. 

Imagine Learning’s YouTube channel is home to dozens of cute and catchy educational math songs to use in the classroom.

We’re rounding up a few of our favorite Imagine Learning K-12 math songs (in both English and Spanish!) to help your students learn new math skills. 

 1. "One Digit and Two Digit Numbers" (English and Spanish versions)

Sing along with this simple video that teaches kids how to combine digits to create one- and two-digit numbers. 

2. "Measuring Inches Song"

This song teaches students how to measure in inches—not just by looking at a ruler, but by measuring the length of an adorable baby dragon from head to tail! 

3. "The Round Hound" (English and Spanish versions)

With his deep voice and silly singalong, a very round hound shows students the concept behind round numbers. 

4. "The Ticky Tocky Song" (English and Spanish versions)

Students love learning to tell time with the help of our friendly clock character, Ticky Tocky.

5. "The Hungry Crocodile Song" (English and Spanish versions)

A hungry crocodile uses his long mouth (and his dancing skills!) to teach kids about greater-than and less-than symbols in this catchy math song. 

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