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Celebrating Digital Learning Day in 2021

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Celebrating Digital Learning Day in 2021

Ten years ago, Digital Learning Day was established to celebrate early and eager adopters of digital learning and expand the conversation about digital learning to more widely acknowledge how it can help all students.

Ten years ago was a very different time.

A lot has happened since then, and the challenges the pandemic brought upon schools, districts, educators, students, families, and so many others have completely changed the conversation around digital learning.

This shift in how people see digital learning has been a critical part of educating students in the current environment.

With so many schools having to utilize some form of digital learning over the past year, many people have been introduced to it for the first time or in a new or bigger way.

And what so many students have experienced has a lot of room for improvement, but taking a moment to celebrate Digital Learning Day enables us to recognize how technology has transformed learning, both in the long term and more recently, and what more can be done to improve the learning experience for all.

So how can you join the celebration?

Discover the Conversation on Social Media

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Two easy ways to find this conversation are by following Digital Learning Day on Twitter and searching for the hashtags #DLDay and #DLDay2021.

By doing this, you’ll find all the conversation that’s been happening (both recently and in years past) around Digital Learning Day and broader discussion about digital learning.

Who knows, by doing this, you might also find helpful, creative tips from other educators that vastly improve the learning experience for you and your students!

Join the Digital Learning Day Network

The official Digital Learning Day Network is full of “innovative educators committed to ensuring that all students have access to high-quality learning everywhere, every day!”

Does that describe you?

If so, sign up to be a part of the network!

There is also opportunity for you to look through the resources other educators have provided and share how you use technology with your students.

This is a rich community, full of passionate educators, so don’t be afraid to dig into what they have to offer—you might discover a fun activity for you and your students.

Every Day Can Be Digital Learning Day

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Though Digital Learning Day may fall on February 25th this year, digital learning takes place every single day.

Whether you’re:

It’s all digital learning.

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Don’t forget to take time to recognize with your students and colleagues (both near and far) all the exciting opportunities technology opens up for everyone.

To participate in the conversation year-round, stick with the Digital Learning Day community or find another (#EdChats is another great resource).

This past year has presented educators and students with an incredible number of challenges, but the community of digital learning advocates and practitioners is growing rapidly, and can only serve to help you and your students. It’s easier than ever now to learn what educators in other cities, states, and even countries are doing, so join the conversation today, tomorrow, and the next day!

How are you and your students using digital learning and celebrating Digital Learning Day?

We’d love to hear, so tag us on social media @ImagineLearning and use the hashtag #DLDay2021.

And happy Digital Learning Day!