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A Guide to Federal Funding for Schools [Infographic]

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Guide to Federal Funding for Education

One of the most important components of running a school is securing funding for it. Having enough funding enables administrators and leaders to hire the qualified staff needed to run the school, purchase the necessary resources and tools—both digital and physical—to serve both the student body and faculty, complete important maintenance and repairs on the building itself, and so much more.

But understanding all your funding options and finding enough money to keep your school afloat can be challenging. And over the past year, new avenues of federal funding have opened up, creating more opportunities for schools and districts, and perhaps, also more confusion.

That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to federal funding for schools infographic, so you can quickly and easily understand the resources and opportunities that are available to you, as well as which Imagine Learning programs qualify for each program:

PreK-12 Funding for Education Infographic


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