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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day from Imagine Learning! [Video]

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Teacher helping students in a classroom

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Today is such an important day in the year—a day for all of us to spend time reflecting on the wonderful teachers we’ve had throughout our lives and how we can thank them!

There are so many ways to express our appreciation for and gratitude to teachers, from heartfelt notes to handmade gifts, apples (if you want to go old school!), and lovely meals.

One of the best ways we at Imagine Learning know how to express our appreciation is by sharing stories about the teachers who have made an impact in our lives. Some of us started teaching because of the wonderful teachers we’ve had!

In our video below, several Imagine Learning team members talk about the most impactful teachers in their lives:


And make sure to check back on Friday for Imagine Learning CEO Jeremy Cowdrey’s own story about a teacher who transformed his life.

To teachers everywhere, thank you for all the love, care, and time you pour into helping your students. The work you are doing today shapes the future, and your students will never forget it—and neither will we.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day, from Imagine Learning!

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