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Thank You Teachers [Video]

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Teacher and student

Thank You Teachers

Today is the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week—though we at Imagine Learning appreciate and celebrate teachers every week, day, and minute of the year.

We hope all teachers have had a wonderful week full of gratitude and appreciation from students and their families, and colleagues, and that the celebration for all that you do continues to be felt long after the end of the day.

Though we can never thank you enough for everything you do for your students—from helping them learn English, to teaching them to read, to being a huge source of support in a difficult time, and so much more—we can start by saying, in the words of Imagine Learning CEO, Jeremy Cowdrey, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

And please enjoy our video below featuring Jeremy, where he tells a story about Mrs. Warren, an important teacher in his life whose interest in him combined with a small kindness changed the trajectory of his life.


From everyone here at Imagine Learning, thank you for all that you do. We appreciate and celebrate you, and will work our very hardest to continue supporting you and your students.

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